{Real Weddings} Suzanne & Kenny's Best Day Ever at Boojum Tree

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I am so thrilled, overjoyed and delighted to share with you all today this beautiful couple's wedding, as I'm friends with the lovely bride!! I love being able to feature weddings...more so when the wedding is of a personal friend of mine, and it's an honor that Suzanne was up for my sharing her wedding here on Savvy Deets Bridal.  More than the beautiful wedding details you will soon see, Suzanne has also shared the story of herself and her dashing groom, Kenny, and all the details that went into their special day. Get ready to pin what you see below, by the way! Suzanne designed and created many details, even made the wedding cake!

{DIY} Bridal "Shower" Cakes

So, it's been a while since I shared with you all a DIY I made, and this one is a keeper, in my book anyway! This DIY is all about aromatherapy, and how it can be made as simple Bridal Shower favors, in the form of "shower cakes", intended for use when taking a shower.  These can easily be made in no time flat, and they are quite cost effective. Also, this can simply be for the bride-to-be to use for her own sanity as she deals with the wedding planning-that stress is great, so any little bit helps.  We all deserve a little pampering now and then, and it just doesn't need to be in the bath, but in the shower, too! 

First of all, I have a new obsession...Essential Oils! It's more than an obsession, it's more like a new regiment I've gotten myself into, turning more to oils for health and healing, physical or mental.  I've been on a Gluten Free living plan, which is basically clean eating, without gluten in what is consumed (thyroid issues up the ying yang here). But, I've also learned the benefits of clean living as a whole, and EO's as they're commonly referred to, have many useful benefits. 

But, let's face it, as women, most of us, not all, but most, love luxurious scents, right? Especially when it comes to weddings-we have pretty flowers in our hands, about the ceremony, scattered throughout the reception in centerpieces, etc. We might even have a particular perfume to splash on before walking down the aisle. So, this little DIY is sure to be a hit with your bridal shower attendees. 

Second of all, I love DIY projects. What I am able to concoct in my own kitchen, that then provides a bit of pampering to my loved ones, as well as myself, is an added bonus. 

So let's get started. Through the graces of the great world of "Pinterest", I've been seeking pampering spa like treatments that I can make at home, now that I have a variety of EO's on hand. I stumbled upon a few for "shower cakes", and I just had to get to it! Here's the low down:

Baking Soda
Essential Oils
Muffin/Cupcake Liners
Muffin/Cupcake Pan

How to:
Step 1:
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees (F)

Step 2:
I don't have specific measurements here, as baking soda and water make a variety of thicknesses. I started with a cup of baking soda, then added water slowly, 1/2 cup at a time. I ended up with 2 1/2 cups of baking soda, and probably 1 1/2 of water. You mix the two until it form a goopy paste-not too thick, and not too thin, kind of like a cupcake batter-but still not as thick as that, where you know the thickness will pour easily into the liners, but not too thick that it'll be clumpy, and certainly not too thin where you feel like it's water being poured. 

*Tip: I used a bag of baking soda that we have on had for pool use, so 2 cups isn't going to deplete what's in our pantry for the random need of baking soda for cookies, etc. The bags are for multi-purpose use, so when seeking a bag of baking soda, look first in the baking aisle, then in laundry aisle, then at a hardware store. They are everywhere, but what we most think of is the little box next to the flour in the baking aisle. 

Step 3:
After the mixture is to your liking, and after you place the cupcake liners in your cupcake tin, fill 3/4 of the way full. 

Step 4:
Place cupcake tin in your heated to temp oven for 20 minutes. 

*Tip: You will see this mixture bubble, and spurt.  For other baking, this might be bad, but for the oven to have baking powder splattered is not a bad thing, as it will help when cleaning down the road. That's my take, anyway. If it ends up on your oven glass, just a simple wipe down with a paper towel or cloth, after it's cooled, should do the trick. 

Step 5:
Remove the cupcake tin and set to cool completely.  This didn't take long, maybe 20 minutes.  After the pan was cool, and cakes were cool to touch, I then removed the liners from each "cake", and then placed them on a cooling rack to further cool and harden. 

*Tip: Your cakes might feel damp, and they might crumble. Only 2 of my 12 crumbled a bit on the bottom. This is not a big deal.  These you can still put oil onto and put in your shower, rather than giving them as favors. 

Step 6:
Now comes the Essential Oils aspect. So, I made 12 shower cakes, I picked 3 different varieties of scents. If you're doing this for a bridal shower, you can pick just one, like lavender, which is known to relieve stress, and is quite popular, or mix a few for a fun scent. Here is what I used: Lavender for one set I will call "Relaxation", Joy and Peppermint for what is known as "Happy Day", for those in the EO world that work with combinations, and lastly Grapefruit and Palmarosa, which I call "Bliss". You can use what you like, obviously, but these are great scent combinations. 

I used 10 drops of lavender for "Relaxation", 7 of Joy and 5 of Peppermint for "Happy Day", and 5 of grapefruit and 5 of palmarosa for "Bliss". 

A bit about EO's: they are potent in their true forms. I use "Eden's Garden", but there are many to choose from out there: doTerra, Young Living, etc. You can easily find EO's at any health food stores like "Wholefoods", "Sprouts", any most gift shops that might have a health and healing department. Dont' use the kind that aren't for healthy living...like I've seen some at craft stores for candle making-those aren't essential oils, more like flavored oils. 

Step 7:
Once you've made your shower cakes, and made them all smelly and yummy, now it comes time to packaging. You could place them in mason jars, as I have shown, or place one or a few in a little baggie, tie a ribbon around them, and maybe a note to go along, like how to use in the shower: "Place your bridal shower cake in the base of your shower, and melt your stresses away". Corny, I know, but something along those lines. 

What to do with the shower cakes:
Place them at the base of the shower, where your feet are, let the water hit them, but not pulverize them, so that the vapors start wafting up. In my shower they are just about at my toes on my left foot and a bit to the left, where the water hits just so, and the scents start wafting upwards and what I breathed in was Heavenly! 

A bit of a side note, I've been sick this week, with allergies...I know it's not sickness, but I've never experienced allergies until this year, and so I've been dealing with a terrible case of sneezing and runny nose-sorry if it's TMI. But, I used my lavender cake, and added 10 more drops of eucalyptus oil-yes, very strong with the already 10 drops of lavender, and while this didn't clear me of my symptoms, in those minutes in my long shower I was able to breathe, and breathe in the goodness of the oils. It was beautiful! I took deep breathes, and it really did wonders.  

So, take away from this post as a good at home remedy, or take away that you might use this for an upcoming bridal shower, or even a bride's gift of spa treatments to her bridesmaids for the day of when getting ready for the big event.  Either way you and/or your guests will have some special treatments in the shower! Oils can put us into many uplifting moods, and this is a great way to share that, or keep for your self! 

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have done this, and maybe what oils you've used! Aside from the Essential Oils purchased, the rest is cheap, so it's truly a win win DIY for all! 

Happy planning and pampering! 

{Giveaway} Win a Case of Cascade Ice Water!

If you're a bride in the final months prior to the big day, you might have something on your mind, other than flowers, music, and decor...fitness might be filling your days, right? There are so many aspects to a bride's fitness and health, from the amount and type of exercise, to the diet.  And, I'm not talking dieting, but the daily sort of food consumed, that is then being burned off through whatever means of exercise. 

Some things might be easy to cut from one's former diet, like bread & white potatoes.  Other things that might be harder to cut are cheese (pointing finger to myself here) and refined sugars. Another thing that is difficult to let go of, even if labeled "diet", is soda.  This is so difficult to do for many. We all know soda isn't ideal for our bodies, despite how "hooked" on them some of us might be. So, what can we do to replace soda, besides water, which many find boring, and that will still leave us feeling satisfied? I have the answer for you: Cascade Ice Water

Cascade Ice Water is a flavored sparkling water that is free of calories, sugar, gluten, sodium and caffeine – and quite delicious too! With tons of fun flavors like Blueberry Watermelon, Pomegranate Berry and even the classic Lemonade, Cascade Ice is a tasty and healthy beverage that brides can enjoy in place of soda. Imagine what cutting those ingredients out of your diet can do as you prepare for the walk down the aisle, ladies! Replacing soda with this product makes much sense.

I can attest to the deliciousness of Cascade Ice Water, as I've just tried 5 flavors: Lemonade, Cranberry Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry Banana, and Key Lime Lulo Pear. I had one each day for dinner, and I found them refreshing, tasty, and quite satisfying.  And, yes, this product made the perfect soda replacement! I didn't even want soda, I was fully satisfied. My favorite flavor of the 5 was Pink Grapefruit, and Lemonade was a close second.  I did like the Strawberry Banana, which surprised me as I usually do not like those flavors together. 

I'm excited to share with you lovely ladies that the folks at Cascade Ice Water are offering one lucky bride a case (24 bottles) of their product!! What a generous gift, and what this can do to help a bride in the weeks leading to her wedding day! 

To enter for a chance to win a case of Cascade Ice Water, please fill out the widget below.  A winner will be selected Friday, April 11, and they will be sent an email notifying they have won.  Good luck, ladies! 

Our thanks to Cascade Ice Water for this fabulous giveaway! 

Disclaimer: I have received product from Cascade Ice Water to try and review.  The views and opinions are my own. 

{Advice} Unique Wedding Food

For me, one of the biggest hurdles of wedding planning, after the flowers, dresses, music, etc., was what food to serve at my (our) wedding.  We wanted to accommodate all, but we didn't know just how to do that. Even after taste tests, which was fun to sample, it was still a difficult task. In the end we made the right decision for us, but it might not have been the best choice for our guests. 

If you find yourself struggling a bit with this topic in your own wedding menu planning, today we are very excited to share some great tips with you from someone who knows a thing or two about wedding menus: Jeannette Maier of Fancy Girl Table Catering. Jeannette creates unique menus that are sure to appease every wedding guest, from a vegetarian or vegan, to a meat lover. Breaking the stereotype of organic food, Fancy Girl Table only uses ingredients from local farms. 

{Advice} Destination Wedding? Know the Legal Stuff Before You Leave

Are you and your honey planing a destination wedding somewhere out of town, state or country? Well, before you jet off to your destination wedding, we were sent these great tips to share with you, to help make you be not just savvy brides and grooms, but savvy travelers, as well. Enjoy the article!
Is there anything more romantic than a destination wedding? Whether it's on a Caribbean beach, in front of a Las Vegas Elvis impersonator or at the pitcher's mound in Yankee Stadium, a destination wedding is one that goes down in the family history books if you've got the skills and patience to make it happen. Destination weddings require great planning skills—after all, you're doing all this long-distance. But while you're negotiating over the cake, flowers, band, and all things wedding related, be sure you and your guests are up-to-date on the particulars of your destination.

{DIY} Brushed Gold Invitation

Happy Monday, all! We have another great DIY Wedding Invitation Tutorial to share with you today, from our friends over at Download & Print! The last tutorial they shared with us was how to make a glitzy glam wedding invitation, seen here.  Today's tutorial shares how to make a brushed gold look to your invites. As you'll see, it is very easy, and completely stunning! See for yourself, and enjoy this easy DIY project!

{DIY} 5 Unique Ways to Use Mason Jars at Your Wedding Reception

If there is one thing we love around here, it is the Mason Jar! This fun round up of 5 different ways to use mason jars at your wedding reception was sent over to us, and are we so glad!  There are some ideas you may have seen, some you might not have.  Either way we hope you find inspiration by what you see below! Let us know what you'll be doing with mason jars at your wedding, at the end of the article!

{Styled Shoot} Stunning Southern Elegance

We have a lovely styled shoot to share with you today that Wedding Stylist LaDonna Lanier sent over to us. The setting is at a gorgeous private residence in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the images captured are gorgeous! When I opened the email to see the shoot, it was an instant yes! The vibrancy captured and the exquisite lighting and details make this shoot an A+ in our books! We are loving the choice of gold and navy blue, it's perfect for the historical and beautiful residence. 

{Advice} 5 Bridal Shower Faux Pas to Avoid

Ever scratch your head over the idea of a bridal shower, especially when it comes to etiquette? I know I sure did, and I may have done a few faux pas things, although I tried really hard to not go against the grain, and for all involved to be happy.  Well, today we are happy to share some tips that were sent over to us, to share with all of you! Read on to see if you agree, don't agree, and if you have a few other suggestions yourself. Feel free to leave a comment after the article.  

Your big day is coming up soon, and you're knee-deep in wedding magazines, photographer business cards, websites filled with restaurant reviews for your rehearsal dinner and brochures for wedding venues. While you're distracted with the minutiae of details that surround your wedding day, your bridesmaids and friends are working on your bridal shower. In all of the excitement, you may miss out on a few important etiquette details concerning the bridal shower. You don't want to upset the people who have spent a considerable amount of time, money and energy setting up something special for you. After all, a recent American Express survey indicates the average wedding guest forks out $539 for a wedding. Avoid turning their experience into one worthy of Bridezilla by keeping major etiquette faux pas in mind.

{Real Weddings} Lani & Alain's Lavender & Old Lace Wedding

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day, sweethearts! Have any plans on this weekend for lovers? Possibly getting married? Maybe a surprise engagement by your one and only? Whatever you have planned, or are surprised with, we hope your cups runneth over with sweet love!!

Today we are delighted to share a darling wedding that my friend Valerie at Blue Hills Photography sent over to us. If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you should take down her info and contact her for your wedding photography immediately! We've featured her work on here before as well with another wedding, seen here, and an adorable engagement session, seen here. She's great to work with, and her work speaks for itself!