Advice: 5 Reasons to Have a Wedding on the Water

Ahoy lovely readers! Any nearlyweds out there getting married on a boat? Or have you pondered having such a ceremony? Would you do so on a lake or out at sea? We think it's a fabulous idea! We have some tips and ideas to share with you with that very idea in mind! It's a unique option, and definitely a lot of fun can be put into such a sea going affair. Please enjoy the ideas here below!

Traditional church weddings aren’t for everyone. Weddings are an opportunity to let your personality shine. If you want to get married outside, in a barn or on a beach, go for it. The options are endless and your wedding can be as fun and creative as you want it to be. Now, what about getting married on a boat? Sounds a little crazy, right? Getting married on a boat is actually pretty awesome, here’s why:

Real Weddings: Lauren & Geo's Rustic Barnyard Wedding

When the fine photographers at Shed Light Photography sent over Lauren & Geo's wedding, I was immediately drawn in to the wonderful rustic and beautiful details for their barnyard affair.  There is a lot of use of hand drawn chalkboard art, burlap bunting, and other such details, all beautifully allocated through out the charming venue. It's a rustic wedding lover's dream!

Silhouette Portrait DIY: Recycled Christmas Card Garland

silhouette portrait diy recycled Christmas card garland

Hello friends! I have a bit of a holiday Silhouette Portrait project for you, that you can do for your first married Christmas, or even your wedding and anniversaries ahead! It's kind of a tradition I'm starting in my home this year, and will carry us through the many Christmas's ahead. Maybe this can be your new tradition, as well!

11 things that you must add to your diet a week before your wedding

Hello to all the soon-to-be brides out there! What does your bridal beauty regimen consist of? You might be treating your skin to facials for the ultimate glowing face, or you are hitting the gym for some great workouts, right? Are you also treating yourself from the inside? We have a list of 11 must haves that Jefferey Morgan from sent over to us to help you to get your body to feel and look it's best in time for you wedding day. Are any of these in your regimen, or will they be after reading this info? Let us know in the comments below. 

A woman’s finest beauty accessory is a healthy, glowing body. Future brides should want to have the most impeccable face and the healthiest, shiniest hair on their big day. Apart from good food, women need vitamins and minerals to stay energized and at the same time maintain a slim silhouette. Here are 11 things every bride-to-be should include into her diet a week before her special day.

Real Weddings: Two Families Become One

Happy Friday! We are delighted to share with you another beautiful wedding captured by Michigan Wedding Photography Team Clicking Through Life! This wedding is special, in that two families truly did become one. Two sons, one of the bride, and one of the groom, became brothers, as their parents became husband and wife.

Real Couples: Jaden & Nick's Intimate Farm Engagement Session

This couple's engagement session is set on a farm, where all you see are blue skies, cornfields, a winding dirt road, an old barn, and gorgeous lighting from the fall sun! It's as if these two are the only souls around, which is great to have some sweet intimate moments captured about the farm land. Our thanks to Minnesota Wedding Photographer Leah Welch with 99 Perspectives Photography & Design for sending this over!

DIY: Chalkboard Countdown Sign

I have a fun and simple DIY project to share with you that is one of my favorite items I made when I first got on my Silhouette CAMEO. I saw some ideas on Pinterest of making a countdown sign, and decided I needed  my own to countdown the days left until Christmas. It's fun to always pull out of the holiday decor stash, and now I can countdown the days with my daughter. She's 2, so she doesn't get it totally yet, but she'll look forward to it down the road, especially when she can write the number of days!

I started with a wood board 6"X6" purchased at a craft store, painted it white, and after drying overnight I drilled holes into the corners where ribbon would loop through.

Then I cut the chalkboard vinyl using the Silhouette CAMEO, using the circle background shape from the Silhouette Online Shop, under Club Silhouette. I then cut black and red adhesive vinyl using the following fonts: "His Name Is Honey" for "more days until", and "Mr. & Mrs. Popsicle" for "Christmas". I took a fun "ribbon" and made my sign to be hung on a hook, a door, etc.

This can be applied for anything, really! I made one as a bridal shower gift for a friend, but it was a "countdown until we tie the knot" shown here:

After my friend the bride wed, she passed the sign down to her sister for her wedding, then her sister gave to her best friend, and now it's circling the US going from bride to bride! No idea that would happen! 

So much fun, it's very simple to do, and the reward is adorable! 

Real Couples: Shasta & Judd's Snow Country Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions in the snow! Maybe it's because I'm a desert dweller, however I've lived in snow in my college years, thus I'm not foreign to snow, but I am drawn into sweet snow covered photo sessions like this beautiful couple's! The session comes to us from Idaho Photographer Footsteps Photography, and more than the pretty snow covered trees and ground, we can certainly see how well their smitten love for one another was captured.