Bridal Beauty: Beauty Beverages for the Bride-to-Be

Hello brides! Are you turning to healthy beverages as a means to keep you healthy in preparation for you big day? This actually goes out to all, not just brides, but bridesmaids and guests, too! We have some great tips to keep you motivated and to inspire you on your health goals for the wedding, and beyond! Our thanks to Jefferey Morgan and for sending over the tips! Enjoy and share with us your go to beauty beverages in the comments section!

Real Weddings: Rupal & Rohin's Vibrant Indian Wedding - Part II

Hello one and all! If you happened to see this beautiful couple's Wedding Ceremony, or if you haven't yet please view here, this is the Reception aspect that followed, although very different, yet just as gorgeous! The photography was captured by Tuan H. Bui, Photographer and amazing team, which did just as fabulous of a job capturing the details with the reception portion. 

While the ceremony was a traditional Indian ceremony, complete with henna tattoos, traditional wardrobe, the reception captures the two in a more modern light, and is quite elegant. I love the color play and the absolute love and devotion of the bride and groom to one another. 

Real Weddings: Rupal & Rohin's Vibrant Indian Wedding - Part I

traditional Indian wedding
Happy Friday! We have an excellent way to wrap up the week with this gorgeous 2 part Indian Wedding, captured by Tuan H. Bui, Photographer! It's stunning, its traditional, and very much vibrant. This is a first to feature a traditional Indian wedding, and I am honored to share such a grand wedding with you all.
As you can imagine, the images of the ceremony alone need their own post, as does the reception, for there are also wardrobe changes. All of it is just gorgeous!

Real Weddings: Brittany & Andrew's Classic Winter Wedding

This charming couple's wintry wedding comes to us today from Aaron Mallory Photography. It's simple, classic and beautiful with the glowing freshly fallen snow surrounding. The couple's first glance and portrait pictures are so beautiful, they are a must see!

Real Couples: Caitlin & Matt's Cuddly Fall Engagement Session

We were sent over this adorable engagement session, captured by Nicole Amanda Photography, and it is really too cute and cuddly for words! Caitlin and Matt are adorable, and then they have their cuddly little counterpart to help them celebrate their engagement! 

Real Weddings: Truong & Izumi's Beautiful Pacific City Wedding

Have we a beautiful wedding to share with you today, that takes place along the Oregon coast, in Pacific City. This gorgeous wedding was sent over to us by Imago Dei Photography, and she captured this lovely couple's entire day beautifully, especially the surrounding area. 

A special note about this wedding is that is has a traditional Asian tea ceremony, as well a "wishing lantern" send off, which is stunning!

Advice: 7 Ways to Accessorize for Your Big Walk down the Aisle

In need of some tips on how to accessorize for your big day? We had some great suggestions sent over to us to share with you lovelies! This is more of a great reference for you to hold onto, a sort of check list. We hope you find this helpful! Enjoy:

You found the man of your dreams, now it’s time to find the accessories of your dreams to compliment your wedding gown. Creating a sophisticated look for your big walk down the aisle with a few of these wedding day must-haves.


Shoes are an important component to any outfit, but on your wedding day, you want the perfect pair to carry you down the aisle. First, think about the best type of shoe for your dress length. If you have a traditional, long gown, heels work best. If your dress is shorter, it’s OK to select a cute pair of flats. And while the style is important, ensuring that your shoes fit well on your wedding day is key. Go shoe shopping in the afternoon or evening when your feet are a little larger to ensure the best fit, advises chiropractor, Dr. Ben Kim.

Signature Cocktails with Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka!

Hello all! It's been a long while since I've shared a cocktail recipe with you, and tonight I have 2 lovely signature recipes that are perfect for your winter time weddings, especially when Valentine's Day is around the corner. 

Thanks to the good people at Van Gogh Vodka, I was able to sample their Pomegranate Vodka, and try their suggested recipes!

Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka
The bottle has the classic Van Gogh art signature, and was so lovely when I received it in the mail! (See my pic below...proof I had it in my little hand!):

Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka

So, as you can imagine, I got to tasting, and wow is it divine! By itself, mixed with club soda, and especially in the two following recipes, it is the perfect liquor to have on hand, especially for entertaining!