{Advice} Tips on Purchasing your Newlywed Dream Home

Hello all! We've been quite busy fulfilling wedding orders the past weeks, we've fallen behind on keeping you posted on what's savvy in the wedding world. Today we are discussing "post wedding adventures", where your happily ever after will take place, your "new" home together. A lot more planning is in store, and not just for one big day, but your lives as a single unit, a family, even a family of two, it's your family's new home. This is what it's all about. Not centerpieces, gowns, but comfort, your wishes, and still a color palette is in the mix, but it's not for one day, it's for every day.  

Many couples plan to join households just before or right after their wedding. Sometimes its living in an apartment, renting a condo, and most often buying a house together.  We had some great tips shared with us from Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder of HomeZada, that we thought to pass along to you! We hope you find this helpful if you and your new spouse are in the search for your newlywed haven. 

Calphalon Celebrates #CouplesCooking!

Hey good lookin's! Whatcha got cooking up tonight with your special someone? If you and your significant other love cooking up delicious dishes together, this post should definitely peak your interest! Anyone up for winning $1,000 in Calphalon cookware? Please read on! 

{Advice} Digital or Paper Wedding Invitations: Which will you decide?

Hi, all! We have a great topic that was sent our way, that I thought was great to share with you all, especially if you're on the fence of whether or not to send actual paper invitations for your wedding events. I've actually just had this conversation with my best friend, regarding her upcoming wedding, so it's perfect timing! My BFF, she is from the US, lives in Vietnam right now, and is closing out her time there, with her soon-to-be groom, whom is from the UK. They are traveling throughout Australia, New Zealand and on into Europe before they land back in Arizona one month prior to their wedding. Sending an online invitation had crossed their mind on multiple occasions as they are planning their wedding from afar for sake of ease, and to save money.

{Real Weddings} Molly & Kyle's Rustic Shabby Chic Military Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday, everybody! We hope you enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend, if you're in the US, and took some time to be thankful for our military service men and women for all that they have done and continue to do for us. I have a few people in my life that were once military, and still are, and I constantly let them know how much I appreciate what they have done for our country.

For this week's featured wedding, I felt it fitting to highlight this beautiful couple, as the dashing groom is in the US Air Force.  They also wed in Arizona, which is where I live, and so it's great to feature another local wedding, captured by Studio 616, at a very cute venue called Whispering Tree Ranch.

This wedding is full of rustic shabby chic charm, which many readers know I adore! Molly, the lovely bride,

{Advice} The Gifts You Should Be Giving

Scratching your head a bit about what to give brides and grooms at all the events leading up to the wedding? Here's some advice that was shared with us, and we are happy to pass this on to you! It's great for family and friends of the couples to read, as well the couples themselves.

When it comes to celebrating the future bride and groom in your life, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. From engagement parties to bridal showers to the big day, you're looking for something that not only fits the occasion, but also conveys just how much you care. Though elegant and simple, steer clear of fine china, embroidered letterhead and similar overdone options. Instead of going with something traditional, opt for gifts that couples can actually use regularly, or better yet, gifts that make their lives easier or saves them money.

{Real Weddings} Melia & Ben's Botanical Garden Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday everybody! We have a beautiful wedding to share with you, held at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, in Belmont, North Carolina. The submission comes to us from Heather Burks with Meet The Burks.  We've had the pleasure to feature a few weddings she's photographed, and happy to have her back! 

This sweet couple's wedding took place in the fall, and boasts a beautiful array of rich fall colors.  It might not be fall yet, but many brides have fall weddings on their minds, and this wedding features gorgeous shades of purple, blue and orange. 

{DIY} Homemade Sweet Orange Shea Butter Soap

I have another DIY project to share, in case you need some last minute Mother's Day gift ideas, since it's just a couple days away.  This will also work as bridal shower and wedding favors. If you're the bride-to-be and think it's nuts to put a soap making project on your plate, put your bridal party to work! But really, these soap recipes are easy and yummy to smell!

{Advice} Lemonade Bar With An "Adult" Twist!

The nice folks over at Prairie Organic Spirits have supplied us with some great inspiration to share with you! Whether you're having a lemonade bar at your upcoming wedding, or summer gathering, we hope this inspires you to get a little creative, and add a special "adult" twist to your refreshment offerings!

Wedding season is upon us, and as brides and planners look for a unique touch that will set their receptions apart, why not refresh guests with a charming, fun spiked-lemonade bar? Below, find everything you’ll need to add a polished DIY touch to any wedding or bridal shower.

The Drinks:

Give your lemonade bar an adult twist with Prairie Organic Spirits, a handcrafted line of organic gin and vodka, meticulously created and distilled to taste. These cocktails will be sure to impress guests:

Pretty in Pink Lemonade

3 cups Prairie Organic Vodka
2 cups simple syrup (2 cups sugar and 2 cups water, cooked until sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool)
8 cups (two liters) cold seltzer
4 cups fresh lemon juice
¼ cup grenadine syrup
2 lemons, sliced
Ice, as needed

Directions: Add Prairie Organic Vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup and grenadine to dispenser. Add seltzer and lemon slices. Stir to combine ingredients, and top with ice.

Here Comes the Lime

3 cups Prairie Organic Vodka
2 cups simple syrup (2 cups sugar and 2 cups water, cooked until sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool.)
8 cups (two liters) cold seltzer water
3 cups lime juice
2 limes, sliced
Ice, as needed
6 cups fresh or frozen sweet black cherries (optional)

Directions: Add Prairie Organic Vodka, simple syrup and lime juice to dispenser. Add seltzer and lime slices, and stir gently to combine ingredients. Top with ice. To make cherry limeade, add 6 cups of fresh or frozen sweet black cherries to simple syrup while cooking.

The Display:

While the drinks may speak for themselves, below are a few ideas for pulling together a beautiful table to present your tasty drinks:

o Display your cocktails in glass beverage dispensers, complete with a label so guests can see what they’re getting before they sip. To make beverage pouring as simple as possible, place your dispensers on top of simple glass cake stands to elevate your drinks without taking away from their colorful splendor.

o Add to the DIY feel of your table by lining it with colorful Mason jars and striped paper straws for the guests to drink from. We suggest placing chalkboard labels on the glasses and laying out chalk for guests to use – with labeled glasses, no one will drink from the wrong cup again!

{DIY} Sweet Orange After Sun Scrub

I have a confession to make...I'm obsessed with Essential Oils! Anyone else with me? They are coming in so useful for everyday things, including DIY beauty treats! In the past few weeks I've made different scrubs, bath soaks, body butter, and most recently I've dabbled in soap making! I can't wait to share all these DIYs with you! 

{Designs} Reception Signage - FREE Printables

It's been a busy wedding season over at the Etsy shop! I just love creating these designs for brides, from programs to seating charts, and everything in between.  I've had some pretty interesting and unique requests, which always gives me a little bit of a challenge. There's nothing better than hearing from a bride "that's exactly what I had envisioned!"

I've added a few new designs recently, including a sparkler sendoff sign, and a photobooth sign instructing guests to grab a prop and strike a pose.  For my loyal readers I've decided to provide you with these designs, on me!

Each image you'll see below has a link attached to it for you to be able to download, and then print off. They are 8X10 PDFs, and can be printed at your home, or at places like Staples. If you want larger than 8X10, Staples should be able enlarge them for you, but I cannot guarantee this.

These files are as is, as they are my gift to you.  (The watermark is not on the image you will be downloading by the way) If you like what you see here and need some customizing, feel free to reach out to me at my Etsy shop: Savvy Deets Designs. Enjoy the signs!