Real Couples: Chris & Shannon's Old Chimney Engagement Session

I am loving this couple's very rustic engagement session, from Andie Freeman Photography! I mean, there's an old abandoned chimney, with no home, in the middle of nowhere! There is a hanging chandelier from a tree! The couple is gorgeous all decked out in denim, flannel and boots! You know this stuff gets me excited! 

Inventive New Ways to Announce Your Engagement

We have a great round up for you on how couples are sharing their engagement announcements! If you've just been proposed to by your love, and you need ideas on how to share the news, check out these ideas! Enjoy! 

Not that long ago, couples told the world they were engaged with a stuffy announcement in the local newspaper. Although the proud parents of the blushing bride can still follow this tradition, many couples are taking a more fun and unique approach. If you want to do something different, check out these creative ideas for you and your groom-to-be:

Country Wedding Apparel & Decor at Country Outfitter

Country Outfitter Country Wedding Wedding Boots

I just learned of something fabulous! The ultimate country retailer of boots and home decor, Country Outfitter, has added a new section to their shop for country wedding lovers! It's your one stop shop for wedding boots, dresses, mr and mrs signage, mason jar toasting glasses, chalkboards, bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts, and more! 

I feature a lot of country weddings, and I see a lot of inspiration coming from Country Outfitter's Wedding section now! Take a peak at what's going on! Also worth noting, for a limited time, everything is free shipping! 

Product Review | Noevir Tokara Sea Mineral Deep Conditioner

Tokara Hair Care Series Noevir

I have mentioned before that I am an Independent Consultant for Noevir, one of the best beauty product companies I've been introduced to. Noevir is based in Japan, and they use amazing natural minerals in their skin and hair care products. I have raved about their 99 Skincare Line, and am still thrilled with the results on my face. My skin is firm, soft and glows like it never has before. 

Victoria KyriaKides Haute Couture Bridal Spring 2016

Victoria KyriaKides Haute Couture Bridal Spring 2016

Happy Monday! I am excited to share with you the very exquisite 2016 Spring Bridal Couture Collection from Victoria KyriaKides! This gorgeous ensemble of stunning dresses in varying silhouettes introduces truly unique elements, both in design and fabric, that are fashion-forward, elegant and timeless, at once. Inspired by Mythology and specially 'Divinities of the Sea and Muses'.

Get a toned wedding-ready body within 6 months with these tips

If your wedding is around the corner, one focal point, apart from all the planning and decision making for you big event, might be your health and fitness. If you need motivation to get on track, or encouragement to keep on your path, we have some great tips for you, from guest contributor Jefferey Morgan! Please read on to see what his advice is, and maybe get inspired to kick off your plan to have a toned wedding-ready body within 6 months! 

PPS Couture Bridesmaid Dresses by Plum Pretty Sugar

PPS Couture Bridesmaid Dresses by Plum Pretty Sugar, Jose Villa

Calling all brides & bridesmaids! We have some exciting news to share with you about one of our favorite stores...Plum Pretty Sugar! Plum Pretty Sugar is known for their lovely collections of beautiful robes and apparel. Just recently they expanded their lines to include a new collection of bridesmaid gowns, called PPS Couture. Cue the swooning music, please!

The PPS Couture line of handcrafted gowns features ethereal floral prints upon flowing, feminine silhouettes, in dreamy colors of Orchid, Cerulean, Petal and Shell. Each gown is made in the USA using delicate chiffon and stunning silk, and includes special details such as pockets, detachable sleeves and hand-draping.

DIY Beauty Recipe: A Lavender-Infused Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

We had a great DIY beauty recipe sent our way, to help you have beautiful hair, and it smells amazing! As you prep for your wedding, this is a good go to for hair health, so it's as beautiful and lush as can be on your wedding day. Enjoy!

"Applied topically, coconut oil actually does a few things for your hair. First, it nourishes the hair shaft to create a vibrant sheen. It also conditions the hair to restore moisture and repair damage," explains Wendy Rose Gould beauty expert for hair tutorial and advice site "Also, when applied at the scalp, it can help reduce dandruff and soothe sensitive or itchy skin." Tip: For beauty uses, choose extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil.

Dollars & Sense: Financial Advice for Engaged Couples

The topic of money is a HUGE topic when you're planning to marry. It is uncomfortable, but necessary to do so. Sit down with your honey, no alcohol, and tell the truth about your finances, credit history, etc. Just dive in so you both know what lies ahead in your married future. Once it's over, grab a glass of wine and sigh in relief that that conversation is over, and you both know how to move forward. Here is some further advice on this topic that I hope you find worthwhile. Maybe read this with your honey and print this out as a guideline on topics to tackle together. 

Planning a wedding requires so much time and energy that you might sometimes forget about

Real Weddings: Zabrina & James' Magnolia Plantation Wedding

If you are a lover of everything shabby chic, vintage and country, as far as weddings go, Zabrina & James' Magnolia Plantation wedding, submitted by Richard Bell Photography, is just the treat for you! From the hanging chandelier from the tree over the ceremony spot, to the sweet tea station, to the moss covered chandeliers in the barn, and a multitude of rustic country details throughout the reception, this adorable couple's wedding is divine! 

Richard, the photographer, shared a bit with us about Zabrina and James, and their beautiful day:
How to describe... Zabrina and James' wedding was shabby chic/vintage/country style. Their colors were mainly ivory, cream and a little white. They included accents of pale pastel colors in the flowers and the decor. Flowers were a gorgeous range of different kinds, which included succulents.