{Bridal Fashion} Vera Wang Collection at FTD.com

Vera Wang Collection at FTD.com
Many of you probably already know, and many might not, that a bride can have her entire look, from dress, to veil, to shoes, even flowers, designed by the amazing Vera Wang. That would make any bride giddy, I image. If someone was to ask a bride who she's wearing and who designed her bouquet, saying "Vera Wang" would certainly put a smile on  her face, and anyone else's face. I wouldn't be able to keep from smiling! 

For those whom might not be able wear Vera Wang head to toe, they certainly can carry a beautiful bouquet from the Vera Wang Collection at FTD.com. I love how she has her gowns, tuxes and flowers at places where many can afford, such as David's Bridal & FTD.com. 

#FashionFriday: Bridal Style Picks of the Week: BHLDN

Our picks of the week for our Bridal Style Segment comes from BHLDN. We love this soft, elegant, lacy look, perfect for a late summer intimate garden wedding. I love the delicate lace dress, called the Ellie Gown, with the cap sleeves. The hair is simple and sweet, with a little bit of bling in the subtle hair band.  The dainty posts keep the look simple and elegant. The soft peach sash ties the whole look together, and enables to show off the waist.

Of course she might have a kerchief for tears tucked into her bracelet, and cupping her pretty feet would be a pair of sheer whimsical slingbacks.

What do you think of this style? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts! If you'd like to see more of this style, click the links above or the images below.

DIY Wedding Project: Easy Washi Tape Chalkboard Tutorial

Oh, how I love washi tape and chalkboards! Both are an obsession of mine individually. My love for chalkboards started a few years back when I learned they made "adhesive chalkboard paper", that can be cut into any shape, and used a plethora of ways. And then I got into washi tape a couple years ago, and just began picking up a roll here and there. My sweet brother helped my passion for washi tape when he bought me a 24 pack from Costo for Christmas last year! Who would've thought Costco would carry a crafter's must have item? Let's say I have enough to last me a long time now.  Well, what happens when you put washi tape and chalkboards together?! Simple, pure joy...for me anyway. 

I made this simple little project to inspire those out there whom are in need of a little something extra for their chalkboards that are to be used/displayed for whatever you have coming up. I was inspired by some "save the date" props I've featured here on the blog, and around the internet. So many couples use chalkboards as part of their engagement sessions, usually displaying their upcomig wedding date. These are cute, simple touches, no doubt. Adding a little something like washi tape to a chalkboard frame can take them from barely there to "oh my cuteness"! I always love pops of color in photo shoots, and that can certainly be accomplished by the countless colors and designs of washi tape in existence. 

{DIY} Free Printable Drink Tickets from Evermine!

Looking for a savvy way to save money on your alcohol budget at your wedding? Why not some cute drink tickets, like these from Evermine! Best of all these little tickets are FREE! Concept is that each guest gets 2 tickets, which means those drinks are on you. After tickets all used up, drinks are on them. 

Head on over to their site to download the free printable here, and be sure to check out the cocktails they featured, too! Perfect for summertime wedding refreshing.


{Advice} How Guests Can Help the Bride on Her Big Day

We have a question for those that are going to be a guest at an upcoming wedding: Have you considered, or even questioned, how you could help the bride-to-be, before, during and/or after the wedding? Same goes for the brides: Have guests asked you what you could use help with, and do you know what to say to them? Some might be thinking, "Isn't that what the bridesmaids are there for?".  In fact, the bridesmaids are almost just as busy as the bride-to-be with their various duties, from wedding prep, to photos, speeches, helping wardrobe maintenance, and so on.

We have some savvy advice concerning this topic that was sent over to us from Ariane Fisher, Co-Founder of WeddingMix.  We have found her advice truly valuable for you lovely readers. I wish I had these tips before my own wedding! When my friend came in from Oregon, she asked what she could help with, I could've given her a task, I didn't want to "bother" her.  Knowing what I know now, these suggestions would have helped make things go more smoothly before, during, and after the big day, as little or big a task. Take a read and let us know if any of these tips speak to you. Enjoy!

{Bridal Beauty} Messy Five Strand Braid Tutorial

We love this messy 5-strand braid look! It's super relaxed, and well, messy! It looks complicated, but is relatively simple. This might not be the look for a bride, yet, it could work for a barefoot beach wedding, but why not do this on the honeymoon?! Check out the photo tutorial below from Latest-Hairstyles.com, with step by step instructions, and let us know if you'll be sporting the messy chic look anytime soon! 

Have you ever seen the 5-strand braid and wanted to learn how to do it? "It’s really just a simple weaving of the hair back and forth in an over under pattern," reveals braid guru Melissa Cook of Latest-Hairstyles.com. Just follow her simple steps below and you’ll quickly be on your way to learning the cute and intricate 5-strand braid.

1. Begin by separating the hair into five strands.