Real Couples: Rebecca and Patrick's Rustic Lakeside Engagement Session

We have a beautiful lakeside engagement session to share with you today, from Virginia Wedding Photographer Jae Studios. It's set in a beautiful rustic area, and the autumn lighting and colorful landscape surrounding these two love birds is heavenly!

Advice: Living Together: 10 Fun Decorating Tips for Couples

Whether you are saving to live with your soon to spouse after you tie the knot, or taking the plunge before the big day, we have some great tips to share with you to help bring balance to this very big change and step in any relationship. 

This topic does remind me of that "Friends" episode, when Chandler moved into Monica's apartment, and the hilarity that ensued with his stuff being in with her pretty well appointed items. That scenario might ring true for many, or not at all, but hopefully the info shared today is of some help to you! Let us know in the comments below!

Real Couples: Krysten & Nathaniel's Gold Coast Engagement Session

As much as I adore sharing engagements and weddings from couple's here in North America, I also swoon for them from overseas! Today's lovely engagement session was sent over to us by Mario Colli Photography, who is based in Gold Coast, Australia! We've had the pleasure to feature his work before, so we are delighted to share more of his beautiful work with you all today. 

Real Weddings: Camry & Eric's Elegant Whitford Plantation Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We have a gorgeous plantation wedding to share with you today, submitted to us by the very talented Katie Sams at Red Boat Photography!!! Everything about this wedding is elegant, including the beautiful couple, Camry and Eric.

Camry is statuesque in her gown and swooping veil, and Eric is dashing in his military dressed blues. The venue, Whitford Plantation, and it's surrounding lawns are just beautiful, and the lighting of the time of day, peaking through the surrounding trees, is completely ethereal. The perfect southern wedding for this beautiful couple.

Camry shared a bit with us about how she and Eric's relationship began, and how their beautiful day came to be:
Being from a small town, Eric and I knew of each other in high school and our paths crossed many times, but we never spent a lot of social time together. It wasn't until we were both at NC State that we started spending time alone. Everything just grew from there, and we spent the rest of our college years going to NC State games, taking shag lessons, and getting to know each other's families.

Real Weddings: Emily & Donnie's High Grove Estate Wedding

We have a delightful wedding to share with you today from North Carolina Wedding Photographers The Burks Photography!  We've featured quite a few of their weddings before, and are excited to share yet another. We love it when photographers come back to us with their continued work, as it forms a sort of friendship, even though we've never met. 

The details are fun and sweet, including lawn games, a eye catching color palette of gray and purple, a fantastic dance party, and a dramatic sparkler sendoff!! Nothing is more sweet, though, than Emily and Donnie's smitten love for one another, which was captured beautifully. 

Bridal Beauty: Hair Tutorial: Badgley Mischka's Romantic Bouffants

Do you ever wonder how you can do an awesome bouffant look that is fit for this century? This can easily be done for a fabulous rockabilly wedding, or just because. We have the how to just for you from contributor Wendy Rose Gould! Check out Wendy's step-by-step tutorial, with images, and give yourself the bouffant look you've always dreamed of for your big day and beyond! 

How to Personalize Your Wedding Registry for the Performing Arts

Hey nearlyweds! Stuck on what to register for? We have some awesome off the cuff ideas that were sent over to us, and these ideas are definitely worth looking over, be it a Broadway musical, helping towards your honeymoon, home decor and more. Take a look and let us know if these are helpful to you. Enjoy!

Bridal Beauty: Noevir

Noevir, skincare, skin care
Hello lovely readers! I wanted to share with you something fabulous that I discovered last weekend. Before I continue, I must share that I am a consultant now for this company, but I really want to share my story on the products, and why I think they are great for brides to use leading up to the wedding day, and obviously beyond. If you don't care to hear about the company, or how I was affected, I completely understand. While I'm a consultant, I am just a girl sharing how this has changed my skincare practices in the short week since I discovered them, and it's affect on my face.

So, if you're still with me, let me introduce to you Noevir, your new best friend for your skincare needs! Never heard of them? Nor had I until last Sunday!  Noevir is a company that sells beauty products from skincare to makeup to herbal teas. Their headquarters is in Japan, and their reach is global, by word of mouth. I was invited to a "facial party" hosted by a dear friend's mom, whom is also a dear friend. I had no idea what I was going for, but I thought it would be a great time to catch up and surround myself with women for a change.