DIY Beauty Recipe: Shea Butter Flower Bath Bombs

We have a super cute DIY project that is perfect for your bridal shower and wedding favors! It's Shea Butter Flower Bath Bombs from Jasmine Stringer of Carpe Diem with Jasmine. I'm in love! We hope you enjoy the step by step tutorial! 

Bridal Beauty: The Perfect Fishtail Wrapped Bun Tutorial

OK, friends, I have one thing to say about this tutorial...I love it, and I adore Melissa Cook, the contributor for! I follow Melissa, aka Missy Sue, on Instragram, @missysueblog, and watch her YouTube videos. She's so cute, has to-die-for hair, and is inventive on how to make your locks look fun, fab and relatively easy!

I think she's a great resource, especially for ladies whom are about to be married, as there are so many times to have your hair looking just so, for the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, and these looks will also work for the honeymoon! I'm happy sent this my way, as this contributor is on the top of my "must watch" list! Enjoy the tutorial!

Before You Say I Do: Take Care of Your Financial Checklist

You're excited about reaching the next milestone in life — walking down the aisle! You and your spouse-to-be have set the date and picked a honeymoon destination, but have you talked about your financial checklist? Talking about money before you get married will save you headaches in the future. Get your marriage started on the right foot and check off these financial to-do's on your list!

Goodbye Savvy Deets Bridal....Out with the Old, in with the New

It's with a somber heart that I am sharing I will be shutting down my wedding blog. I am 3 hits away from 1,000 followers on Facebook, thank you by the way!!, but, I've been doing this since 2010, a year after I got married, and well, I have an almost 3 year old, I do still love weddings, but my life is changing and growing. I'm not growing with my blog, I'm growing in my life of parenting, continuing to feed my relationship with my husband, my fitness goals, healthy living, and designing for my Etsy bizz Savvy Deets Designs.

I plan to turn my wedding blog into a lifestyle blog, with recipes, workouts, kiddos activities, etc. but the wedding planning is far beyond what's most important in my life right now, though it all started because I was a bride that learned hard lessons in wedding planning. I do create many pieces for brides and grooms across the planet with my Etsy shop, so I am still involved in the wedding scope, and was even featured in a couple's wedding that was featured in The Knot​! So now, a wedding vendor it is, a wedding blogger no longer.

Whatever I do, I hope you still follow, as I offer more than my opinions on gorgeous farm weddings, with chandeliers at the top of a rustic barn, with burlap aisle runners, and chalkboard labels on mason jar mugs. I adore all of those things for weddings, but more so in my home and life.

Not sure when the blog changeover will happen, but I do hope some of you followers will stay in touch.

Best Regards,

Chalkboard Sign DIY with Chalk Ink Pens!

I think many regular readers know I love chalkboards for weddings, birthdays and around the home. I'm kind of obsessed! I have a spice cabinet with tins of spices, and all spice labels painted in chalkboard paint, with spice names written in chalk. I have jars and canisters in my kitchen pantry with chalkboard labels, as well written in chalk. It looks cute and is quite functional!

So, it's not surprising that when the folks at Chalk Ink reached out to me to sample their pens, I was elated! I said of course, and soon enough these lovely pens in were in my mailbox! I received Bride's Set of Two in White and Pink.

"Bridalplasty": What is it? | Guest Post by Jefferey Morgan

Here's a topic for you ladies that came across my desk the other day, it's called "Bridalplasty". What is it? What does it mean? How much does it cost?  Well, Jefferey Morgan, a frequent guest poster for the blog, has given us the low down on this unique "trend". We hope you find this article informative and thought provoking!

“Bridalplasty” is a term that made its entrance in the cosmetic industry a few years ago. It became famous due to an American TV show with the same name. 12 brides-to-be participated in a competition and the big prize was a dream wedding that also included plastic surgery interventions. “Bridalplasty” was similar to other reality shows such as “Bridezilla” and “Say Yes to the Dress”, although it somehow managed to set itself apart.

The term is now an independent one, and women associate “bridalplasty” with interventions required to look their best on their big day. Very few link it to the reality show, mostly because it was short-lived. Why should young women consider this bridal makeover?

The rise of the wedding industry

Even though many American people still struggle with fighting off the economic turmoil that hit the country in 2008, the wedding industry keeps thriving. A wedding ceremony can cost as much as $30,000. We’re talking about a huge marketplace, with nearly 2.3 million people getting married annually. Statistically speaking, there are about 6,000 weddings per day across the United States.

Bridaplasty is the type of cosmetic package that can easily be taken to the extreme. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a lot of brides-to-be seize the opportunity to make at least one cosmetic change before their big day. Let’s face it; nobody has the courage to say anything to the future bride when she says she has to lose 10 pounds until the wedding.

Idealized conceptions of physical beauty

Idealized principles concerning physical beauty are everywhere. This explains clearly the main reason women would go for a bridalplasty makeover. The interventions can become an addiction; however, if you’re being careful enough this won’t happen. Women are advised to stop chasing the perfect body as perfection is a subjective term. Where one individual sees beauty another can see crudeness.

A wedding is the perfect occasion for women to have plastic surgery. It’s natural for them to seize the opportunity especially since they will have the budget for such an investment; furthermore, many clinics offer special packages to future brides, which means they have a great chance to have a nose job, liposuction and a tummy tuck at a more accessible price.

Most common bridaplasty procedures

Believe it or not, the most common cosmetic intervention included in the bridaplasty package is Botox. The procedure is non-invasive and almost pain-free. Since 2000, when women first heard of Botox, there have been nearly 5.4 million injections performed around the world. Currently, the percentage has increased by a staggering 621%. Even younger women in the 20s worry about discreet “crow’s feet” and “laugh lines”. These are not necessarily aging signs, but signs of sleep deprivation, lack of rest, or stress. Pre-wedding Botox injections are a fast, effective way of rejuvenating the complexion. The procedure guarantees a smooth, fresh, and lineless skin.

In terms of cost, Botox treatments only rarely go beyond $500. A wedding dress will cost between $1,000 and $2,000; with a bit of luck brides get to wear it once. Botox injections cost a fraction and they last up to 8 months. For the exact same amount, a nose job lasts forever. Rhinoplasty is the second most common type of procedure women would go for before their wedding. Even though the intervention is invasive, the end result will certainly exceed all your expectations.

Many brides-to-be are not interested in having extreme cosmetic surgery before their big day. Their most common demand is to look rested. A refreshed complexion exudes happiness, which is all they want. Sometimes this can only be achieved through Botox, which is not an extreme form of cosmetic intervention. A lot of people associate the term “bridaplasty” with invasive surgery; that’s certainly not the case. Brides-to-be want minor procedures with little to no recovery time, so that they can look their best on their big day.

By Jefferey Morgan and!

Our many thanks to Jefferey Morgan for providing insight on this unique subject. Feel free to comment on the subject in the comments section below. We'd love to hear what you might have to say! 

Free Printable: Ladies & Gents Directional Signs

Need directional signs for the "facilities" at your upcoming wedding/event? We have these simple and to the point directional signs for you to download as our gift to you! If you don't have anyone to point people in the right direction, these will be your trusty guides! 

To access the files, click here for ladies, and here for gents. You'll see a blue download button on the upper right section of the screen, and that will directly download to your downloads folder. Print at home, or take to print at Staples for example. Each file measures 8X10 JPG.

If you are interested in customizing these signs, please check out my Etsy shop, and refer to this listing.

Free Printable: Memory Table Sign

I wanted to provide my lovely readers with another freebie, in honor of those that are no longer with us. I really wish I had this sign at my wedding, there were too many to commemorate and honor, and a simple sign like this would've helped. But, maybe it can help you! 

The file is a JPG and measures 8X10 inches. To access the image, click here, and then you'll see a blue download button in the next screen so it downloads to your download folder. You can print this at home, or take it to Staples for example, and place it into a frame for your memory table. I do offer this in my Etsy shop: if you'd like to customize this. 

I  hope you appreciate my freebies. :)