Getting Acquainted with

Congratulations, your sweetie popped the question!! So now you have a pretty shiny ring on your left ring finger, you've just updated your facebook relationship status to "engaged", and have waited for the moment to finally log onto, right?  But what is all about?  It is more than a website, it is loaded with useful tools to help plan your wedding, there are community forums for brides-to-be to chat, photo galleries upon photo galleries to gaze upon for ideas, finding vendors with the coveted Knot Pic of the Year awards, and so much more.

What to do first?  If you really want to be an active member on, I suggest creating a FREE account.  As well this way you can get your wedding checklist alerts emailed to you to remind you of what is coming up for you to check off the list, things of that nature, and I'll get into all of that in a minute.

Once you have created your account, it is now time to get acquainted with the forums, if that is of your choosing, which you have to have an account to interact on the forum boards.  To get there, go to, the far right tab on tool bar near the top of the page is "chat", click that, you'll be presented with a page called "Community", and you can select city, boards by topic, wedding month, etc.  

Now that you have found your forum, make sure to bookmark it, as you might be going there a lot as your planning process goes.  Best practice is to introduce yourself.  You can make an introduction like "Knottie Newbie", "New Bride", etc.  Then introduce yourself, share your wedding date, city, how your fiance proposed, etc.  Some brides on the boards have been on there a long time, and encourage intros like that, as a means to make sure a vendor isn't on the board giving false info, etc.  Vendors on the forums is a huge no no, by the way.  Some of the girls sniff them out immediately, and luckily there is a reporting tool.  So if you're prepared to make a small intro, it makes being on the forums much easier.  If you hop on there without an intro, you might get a lot of negative feedback, just FYI.

One word of advise, stay in your local community if you want to avoid drama, as the "national boards" can have "snarky" individuals, or "lurkers", "trolls" (people who read all the posts and make comments when they have no business), and this can be intimidating.  Why would they be this way?  The "interwebs" are full of different personalities, some of whom are simply on these forums to stir the dirt a bit, pay no heed to them.  Don't get me wrong, thenot forums are great to join, but if you've never been on internet forums (I never had prior to being on, stick to your local community.  It is fun to jump into the same month forum to share in countdown, but its better to frequently chat with local brides in your community.

Often times brides in the same city will pose to have a GTG (get together), so you can meet the other brides, make new friends, and bond in this wonderful time in your life if you're up for that.  The boards are so helpful, and some individuals are full of useful resources regarding vendors you're considering, whom recommends the best florist, etc.  You'll find many of the same brides, whom are married and have stayed on to offer advise to engaged ladies, they might mention they all used the same florist, for example, which is a great way to know they are a trusted vendor and many knotties have used them, further validating a good choice.

Learn the "lingo"! You'll be glad you did.  Here's a good reference to use, save it to your tool bar: TheKnot Lingo List.  When I was new and hadn't a clue what to make of all the abbreviations, I would keep seeing girls say to each other things like YGM, which being the newly engaged happy bride, I thought it was "You're Getting Married", which made the other "knotties" LOL/ROFL, etc.  Instead it is "You've Got Mail", for things they would send each other via email.

Learn about wedding bios, as theknot.comoffers this great tool, and its fun to put together.  Another great bio builder is with easy to use templatesThis is where you can have your ideas put to life.  You can post pics of dresses you're considering, favor ideas, venue ideas, etc, share your bio with brides, especially  if its a "what do you think", comparing 2 dresses you've tried on.  Its fun to have the "planning bio"  then to have a "married bio" to show new brides-to-be your pics and final results!  Plus, you can also list and rate your vendors after all is said and done, to help spread the word.

I mentioned earlier there is a checklist, and its a really great tool to have, and I suggest using this, rather than buying a book, its FREE first of all, and sends you email alerts letting you know "you're save the dates need to be sent out by this date", etc.  Cater your list to you, there are many things you can "check" to have for your list, then you can "check" them when you've completed that task.  Its fun to announce your "checks" as well, it feels good to get passed the fun but dreaded tasks.  Click here to view the Checklist Link.

You can also keep your wedding guest list at your fingertips, plan your budget, many great resources in the "tools" section. Wedding Shop is filled with great favors and gifts, and are pretty reasonable price wise.  Check out theknot TV, which has bridal gown fashion shows to view, current trends, etc.

Have fun with!  I wish I had this piece of knowledge before I joined, and I hope you savvy brides will find these tips useful!  Happy planning!