TheKnot.Com Lingo List Abbreviations
Learn these if you're planning to get onto community forums/chat boards

AW - Attention Whore
BM - Bridesmaid (or can be Best Man, depending on context)
BOD - Bride Of the Day
BP - Bridal Party
BTW - By The Way
DD - Dirty Delete (don't do this)
DH - Darling Husband
DOC - Day Of Coordinator
IRL - In Real Life
FI - Fiance
FMIL - Future Mother In Law
FFIL - Future Father In Law
F/U - Follow Up
FWIW - For What It's Worth
GL - Good Luck
GM - Groomsmen
GTG - Get Together
IMO - In My Opinion
HTH - Hope That Helps
MOB - Mother Of the Bride
MOH - Maid of Honor
MUD - Made Up Drama
NFT - No Further Text
NMS - Not My Style
NWR - Not Wedding Related
OBG - Oldie But Goodie
PIB - Picture in Bio
PIP - Picture in Post
PSA - Public Service Announcement
STD - Save The Date (not what you were thinking?)
TIA - Thanks In Advance
WTF - What The F**k
WR - Wedding Related
XP - Cross Post
YGM - You've Got Mail