The Bahcelorette Night: What's YOUR plan?

When it comes to the Bachelorette night, what are your expectations?  Do you want to have a crazy night of clubbing, a night where whatever happens that night stays that night, a quiet night in watching movies and sipping wine?  Whatever you want to unfold on your bachelorette night should not be planned by you, but should have your expectations at heart.

Who's in charge?  Well you are, of course, but only to address what you want by your maid of honor, or whomever is planning your night.  If you have a group of friends whom want you to have a crazy night, including clubbing, strippers, etc, and if it is not your "thang", speak up!  It is a night celebrating your "last night as a single woman", and however you envision this to happen, share this with those whom are in cahoots with planning the event.  This also includes attire people want you to wear!  Do you want to rock the male membered veil?  Or consume drinks out of male membered straws?  If you don't want these items, it should be expressed.  The worst thing that could happen is being apart of activities you are not open to nor comfortable with, especially if mothers are involved in the night, including mother-in-laws, grandmother's even, it can make for one awkward night! 

Here are some bachelorette night ideas:

Hotel/Spa night:  
Gather your circle of girls to a spa night at a hotel in your city!  You've heard the term of Staycations, right?  Its an overused term, but it does make sense.  Get everyone to get/share a room at a hotel in the downtown part of your city, for example.  You can choose a true resort if that exists in your location, or even a boutique property, like Hyatt Park Place, which are nouveau chic, and cost effective.  Kimpton hotels is another boutique chain to look into.  Or you could seek out a BNB (Bed and Breakfast), near a wine vineyard.  

Many quiet opportunities exist, have a nice dinner, share some wine, maybe do some games, sharing your excitement that this is the last chance you have with your ladies, as a single lady yourself,  to gab about the man you're about to marry, and gossip about the road that got you to this point, wink wink.  

Spa type activities can ensue as well, whether at the property's spa, DIY treatments (self mani/pedis, facials, etc), or consider a friend whom is in massage therapy school to come to you that night, to give treatments.  Massage therapy students should be paid in tips of your choosing, they cannot earn money while they are students.  Utilize your massage therapy friends for info on such services, do not use/abuse them, and include them in offering to join when all are relaxed, maybe even share a glass or two of wine with them.  A quiet night, yet, but a lovely relaxed evening with your best friends.

Dinner followed by a bar hopping/bar crawl scavenger hunt:
Pick a fun place of your choosing in your city, whether it be a pub, a great place offering yummy munchies to be ordered and shared by all, like at a wine bar or a bistro type establishment.  Sharing pizzas, appetizers can help keep costs to a minimum.  Maybe plan it to be at a happy hour location, perfect time to get the party started at happy hour, when appetizers are sometimes 1/2 the price, drinks are 1/2 off, etc.  Places like Cadillac Ranch offer amazing happy hour deals!  Their margaritas are about $3, and are loaded with a punch, plus their apps are all half off.  As well at a place like Cadillac Ranch, there is a mechanic bull!  That alone can make for a great bachelorette night!  

Having people start the night at a location where there is food and drinks can easily include the more conservative sorts.  They will come, share in the excitement of the night, and quietly leave before the party gets moving.  

If your restaurant/pub/wine bar of choosing is in a downtown area, there might be bars nearby, where a scavenger hunt can ensue!  A scavenger hunt can be creative, clean or as crazy as you would like to be.  The "game" might be catered to finding a stereo type kind of a man to seek out in the crowd, i.e. a guy with a mullet, a guy in a jean jacket, etc.  It can be quite harmless, or risque, but a fun night finding the random mullet man!

You might end the night at a final destination point to dance the night away.  Great point to mention, if this sort of night occurs, maybe stay at a nearby cheap hotel/boutique hotel, as mentioned earlier.  

"What happens in Vegas...":
Leave the timid at the door and head to Vegas, or your nearest "sin city"!  Round up your friends for a journey to Vegas, and be prepared!  Stay at a location on "the strip", research the hotels near and around your spot.  When you choose a spot, due to cost, seek out what lies in and around that location, because you might have to hop in a cab to get from your hotel, to down the strip, which can add up!  If you live near Vegas, meaning within a day's roadtrip, great opportunity to load up your car with liquor and food to have on hand for day drinking, much cheaper than paying for drinks by the pool-bring thermoses with lids and they will let you have them at the pool.

So many activities await in Vegas.  A few great websites to refer to are, and  Do some research, figure out what you want to do.

If you want to keep it low key, meaning no clubs, there is still much to do.  Dick's Last Resort is one of those types of restaurants where the servers are hecklers, and will single you out to share its your bachelorette party, or whatever they decide.  Its a fun experience, and loud, but laughs are sure to happen.  The Bar at Times Square has dueling pianos, and they'll get you on stage to single you out, will sing to you, you name it. Do some research and pick out your list of top 5, hand it to the planner, and you're set.

"Passion Party":
You might have a friend, or know of a friend, whom is a "Passion Party" Consultant, and will offer a great night of showing off all the greatest "items" available in the comfort of your own home.  The parties can get really wild, and are very fun to consider for your bachelorette night!  If you don't know of a rep, consider checking out Fascinations's website, click on home parties towards the bottom, and select "host a party"in the tool bar at the top of the next page.

Bachelorette Night attire:
There are many options on what to wear for your bachelorette night for you and your bridal party.  If the standard veil isn't your speed, there are cute cowgirl hats with boas, fun tiaras pimp hats with veils, and much more.  A great website to outfit your bachelorette night is, and they have everything you need for your night!  Check it out, see what you would be willing to wear, games you'd be willing to play, and share the info with whomever is planning.  There is a special running right now, 10% off any order,  click the link to use coupon code: shareten.

Whatever you decide YOU want to do, fun is sure to be had!  Its all a matter of how you want to celebrate your last single lady night.  Enjoy the festivities!

Happy planning!