Etiquette Tuesday: Featured by is an excellent resource for wedding related etiquette.

Today Savvy Deets Bridal is featuring "How To Address Envelopes", because this comes up all the time.  If any etiquette should be followed, it is the old fashioned way of addressing of the envelopes, which seems to be a lost practice, with the internet, texting, and how abbreviating everything is common place.

Here is the etiquette advice:

How to address envelopes

If you always get confused when addressing envelopes, follow these simple rules:
When you are throwing a formal affair (think wedding) or sending invitations to people that are rather formal (think friends not your age), then you should follow the rules below:
1) Address Titles Correctly:
Married Couple:Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith
Single Man or Woman: Mr. Bob Smith and Guest or
Ms. Cindy Smith and Guest
DivorcĂ©e:Ms. Susan XYZ  (whatever her current last name is) and Guest
Widow: Mrs. Susan Smith (if recently widowed, do not include guest)
Unmarried Couples:Ms. Cindy Jones
Mr. Bob Smith
Married Couple with wife who hyphenates last nameMrs. Cindy Levy-Smith and Mr. Bob Smith
Couple with 1 Doctor:Dr. Cindy Smith and Mr. Bob Smith
Couple with 2 Doctors:Dr. Cindy Smith and Dr. Bob Smith
Judges:The Honorable and Mrs. Bob Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith
Joe and Jessica Smith
2) Do not place address labels on envelopes when having a formal affair, instead use caligraphy, handwriting, or use script font on your computer and print directly on the envelope
3) Mail out invitations approximately 6 weeks in advance of a formal event

When you are throwing an informal affair, writing thank you's or sending invitations/announcements to people that are close friends, you do not need to use titles.  For example if sending to a family, you can simply write: “The Smith Family” or “The Smiths”.  When addressing to a married couple you can simply write "Bob and Cindy Smith", and if the couple is not married you can simply write:  "Cindy Jones and Bob Smith".