Rehearsal Dinner Inspired by Mad Men

As wedding ideas continue to evolve, many reflect inspirations from hit movies or tv shows.
This article, found on Beau-Coup Fine Favors, highlights such inspirations.

Whether or not you like Mad Men, it gets the wheels turning a bit on how you can plan out your rehearsal dinner.  Do you want it to be a classy night, a chill night, or bring drama to the night dressed like vixens from the 60's and men in spiffy suits, smoking cigars, holding a glass of scotch?  The thought offers a fun opportunity to go to a salon, with your bridal party, that skills in the vintage styles styles of the 40's, 50's and 60's, as seen on the show.  Some salons might promote pin-up makeovers, which would be perfect!  Check out, ask your friends, they are out there.

Clothing ideas are plentiful, as amazing vintage dresses can be found at thrift stores in town, less Savers, more boutique, but decent prices.  In Glendale, Arizona, such boutiques are "Pink House", and "Blueberry Deluxe", they have a cult following, and offer styles of the vintage pin-up girls/retro indie fashions, etc.  

Some online boutiques are available, worth checking out to get your ideas rolling:,,, and many more.

Gather your bridal party together to go perusing the antique shoppes, have fun with the inspirations! Here's the link to the article with amazing photography depicting a Mad Men Rehearsal Dinner.

Be inspired, get creative, and have fun!

Happy planning! 


  1. You might like to visit for lush Mad Men looks...I'm having a Mad Men birthday party for my 50th and we all got our Stop Staring frocks from there!
    Have fun...

  2. Hey, thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to check out the site!


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