Share your wedding-with Shutterfly

Shutterfly has much to offer with their photo storing operations, prints, and unique gifts to place your images onto.

They also offer a free website-share site, where you can upload your pics, and share the site with your family and friends, via email and the social networks.  When you log onto Shutterfly, there are tabs at the top, select "Share", and it'll take you to the page to create your site.

Better yet, when it comes to your wedding, instead of purchasing those disposable wedding cameras at the tables for guests to take pics with, notify your guests, instead, to bring their cameras/smart phones, take pics throughout the day, then they can upload the pics to your shutterfly share site!  Its a great service to utilize, and you can easily share this information before the wedding, and remind them after the wedding to upload their pics.

You can even stylize the site as your wedding website, if you wish.

Have fun creating your Shutterfly Share Site!

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