Signature Cocktails

If you are having a cocktail hour at your wedding ceremony, and you are at a venue offering up more than beer and wine, signature cocktails are a great idea!

They can be offered to guests as one drink choice picked by the couple, or two options, reflecting the bride's pick and the groom's pick.

This is a chance to show what your favorite cocktails are, show some uniqueness with the name given to the cocktail, and get everyone talking!

The cocktails selected could reflect the destination of your honeymoon!  Here are some great destination themed cocktails to consider:

Paris-French Kiss
Barcelona-Rose Sangria Spritzer
Maui-Kona Coffee-tini
Puerto Vallarta-Mango Margarita

Over at, they have "The Ultimate Signature Cocktail Finder"!  Its a great place check out, and start up a conversation with your fiance about what you would like at your cocktail reception.

Here are some ideas found on with "wedding themes":

Something Blue

Wedding Cake

Wedding Belle

Southern Bride

Blushing Bride

Diamond Martini


Test out some recipes with your fiance, discover new cocktails together, and have fun picking out your signature cocktail!

Happy planning!