A splash of color to your Champagne

With crystalized flower petals!

I am sharing a unique touch I had at my wedding, which I think is a very savvy idea to share.

At my wedding, I had crystalized violet petals, packaged in organza sachets, for guests to open and plunk the petals into their filled champagne glasses.

What crystalized flower petals does to your champagne, both sweetens the champagne with a floral touch, as well adds extra evorvesant bubble. And maybe, might add a tinge of color, as seen in pic below.

I discovered such a treat when in Provence, on a tour at the Four Seasons Provence. At the end of the tour they had vendors to show us how to make tapanade, and something about sugary flower petals.  When I greeted the sugary flower vendor, I was curious with her unique items, thus I indulged in a glass of champagne, with the crystalized violet petals.  It was sweet, created more fizz to the already bubbly glass of bubbly, and there was a violet tinge to the champagne.  It was so lovely!  I adored it so much I requested a business card, told them I was planning a provence themed wedding, and I would be in touch. I did months later, and for the amount of guests we had, an import item shipped from France, the 2 sachets, which was more than enough for 100 guests, cost me about $95, not a bad price to pay for something so unique to have at our wedding.

Funny note, as the sachets were not labeled, due to last mintue stuff rapidly sneaking by, I chose to just have them at each place setting, and asked the DJ to make special mention as to what to do with the sachets of flower petals.  It turns out, some, whom might have been hungry, dipped into the sachets, thinking they were candy and were gobbling the petals up!  I laughed when I was told of this, and wished I had done an extra touch to make sure the guests knew what to do with petals, but those that did add them into their awaiting glass of bubbly, loved that special touch, espeically since it was an import from France.

In sharing this unique touch to our wedding, I have researched if any retailers offer similar items "state side".  Sadly I cannot such a retailer.  However, I have found numerous recipes to make edible flower petals, crystalized in sugar.  Many gourmet grocers already carry flower petals to add into salads, as you might be aware of, but might not stand up to what it takes to make a sturdy candied flower petal.

I am providing here links I have found, worthy of sharing if you wish to try this out, and have as an added favor at your table.  I will also proive the company in France that has them already available, and they do speak English, roughly, but they do export!

This recipe I found is worthy of sharing, as they mention finding firm petals, such as roses, etc, to withstand the process:

I also stumbled upon this site to validate this is being done, and can be done:

Search yourself if you wish to dive into a new trend that not many people are sharing.  I found my search rough, so I offer you the website to the company that provided our violet petals:

Again, their English is rough, so email them, fax them, they will reply, and are happy you discovered them!

Enjoy this added little tid bit to your reception, your guests will love whatever effort you put into it!

Happy planning!

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