Celebrity Inspirations

Gwen Stefani Wedding Dress

Do you look to celebrity weddings for inspiration in planning your own wedding?  Are you addicted to the annual TV specials that air, showcasing celebrity weddings of the recent year?  How about wanting an exact replica of a ring given to your favorite actress?  Do you get excited when a blooming celeb couple announces their engagement, and they are in the planning process, just as you are?

If you are nodding your head and answered yes, there is a great website for you, covering any and all information in the "Celebrity Wedding" genre of media: www.celebritybrideguide.com  Take a peak at whom was recently engaged, top celebrity weddings of 2010, and whom will be walking down the aisle, maybe the same day as you, in 2011!

Celebrity brides seem to go over the top for their weddings, and most of us LOVE this!  Many inspirations come from the unique ideas famous brides include into their nuptials and celebrations.  InStyle Magazine's Wedding section provides imagery and details from celebrity hairstyle trends, to amazing cakes, down to the "Star Details", covering all the juicy bits and bobs of many famous weddings.

Even though a famous bride's budget might not be yours, you can still achieve similar looks, ideas, etc.  Many celebrity wedding coordinators reveal how to cut the corners, cost-wise, without cutting corners on visual and quality impact.  Famous wedding coordinator to the stars, Colin Cowie, gave an interview to Washington Post recently, addressing how to have the wedding of your dreams, while on a budget, and achieve similar impacts as seen in celebrity weddings.  We, as Americans, are in a recession, cutting corners is OK as long as you don't cut what's visual.  Some suggestions to cutting the budget, he mentions, are having hors d'oeuvres served only at your reception, rather than a meal, this will save you a ton of money.  He also mentions planning your wedding to be on a Thursday, rather than a Saturday will curtail that budget as well.

So, continue to be inspired by the lovely celebrities soon to walk down the aisle, or ideas from the past, and find ways to replicate them on your own terms.  Trim your budget here and there with unique shortcuts, so you can include specific touches.

Happy planning!