A Christmas Proposal

Wondering how many lucky ladies were proposed to over the Christmas holiday!  Were you surprised, or did you know it was coming?  Was it a private moment by the tree, or at the dinner table in front of loved ones?

Having been proposed to myself on Christmas morning of 2007, I am excited to learn of others whom met the same magical moment.  I also remember being thrown into a bit of a whirlwind of hysterics and confusion, transitioning from "in a relationship" to "engaged" on the social network, and the barrage of questions that came my way!  "Have you picked a date yet", "What are your colors", "How many bridesmaids", etc.  I really didn't anticipate the proposal, even though there were clues, but if I might have had a hint, I wasn't planning any specifics yet!  I didn't want to jinx myself into planning something, in case the proposal wasn't coming.  Maybe a bit superstitious, but realistic.

Maybe you've been planning, and just waiting for the moment, and have even already booked the venue because it is a 3 year waiting list, like that "Friends" episode where Monica does the same thing?  Or you might have your dress already, and have "pre"-asked your bridesmaids?  You are planned and ready, and have answers to the questions, you are one prepared lady! 

I was nowhere in the planning thoughts, and so my answer to the millions of questions, "We are just enjoying being engaged, no plans yet", and that kept people at bay, for a little while.  My anxiety levels were upped, though, as more months began to fly by, people were coming out of the woodwork asking all sorts of questions, and I remember feeling so flustered, but I kept the "no plans yet" as my motto, until I was able to share any plans forthcoming.  

I did jump onto TheKnot.com, though, and began creating an account.  Prior to being engaged I was not any part of TheKnot.com at all, I barley glanced at it.  I certainly never visited the forums, I, again, felt doing so was grounds for jinxing my to be engagement.  So, to my surprise, I was faced with a bit of snarky remarks when I jumped on to the Phoenix board and was so happy to introduce myself as a new bride-to-be, people were quick to have me give a proper intro quite rudely.  I didn't know why they had to be this way nor what they were talking about, but later learned they were protective over the board, and were making sure I wasn't a vendor, which is a knottie no-no to have vendors on forum boards.

If you would like to see more of what I learned being a "newbie knottie", here is a previous post I have written, introducing new brides to theknot.com: Getting to know the knot

Either way, enjoy your brand new engagement with your husband/wife to be!  Take this time to enjoy each other, your love for one another, and its OK to not have plans set forth yet.

Congrats on your engagement!