"The Day After" Brunch

"The Day After" Brunch is an option many brides are choosing to plan into the wedding festivities.  It comes down to the budget, and how to plan this.  This is not necessary to do, by any means, but here are a few ideas if this is something you have considered.

First of all, you still have guests in town, whom have traveled to your wedding from afar.  You might not get to spend quality time with your out of town guests, and this is your chance.

At the Restaurant
If budget is not a problem, arrange your guests to join you at your fave brunch spot.  Arrange this ahead of time with the restaurant that a large party will be coming in, and see if they can place your table in a room to accommodate all, or on the patio, etc.  You can have it be an "A La Carte" situation, or see if you can arrange a "Prix Fixe" menu (a fixed price), where guests can chose from 1 of 2-3 options for their entree, which will make things easy when putting the bill together.  Buffets always work the best, and maybe some key restaurants in your area hold Sunday champagne brunch buffets, which offer amazing items not typical any other day of the week.  Check out sources like Yelp.com or Chowhound.com to see whom in your area offers this.  In Phoenix, for example, the most amazing Sunday champagne brunch buffets/a la cart are The Wrigley Mansion, T. Cooks at Royal Palms, and Rita's Kitchen, to name a few.

At the Hotel
Coordinate with the main hotel, where most of your guests will be staying, to have a set plan for your guests to have a "complimentary" breakfast-complimentary to the guests, not to you/whomever is paying.  Get all of this in writing, by the way!  Or maybe the hotel already offers this, and just plan to coordinate tables together for all to be seated.

Have a list of all the names of out of town guests and anyone else this special breakfast is planned for.  Provide this list to the front desk manager to share with the Maitre'd of the restaurant.  Have your guests tell the host/hostess they are apart of the "Name/Name" Breakfast, they will mark off the name(s), and show them to their seats.  The host/hostess might provide each guest with a food voucher, so that they can turn this into the serving staff or the payee as a final headcount.

This is what I did for my wedding.  My in-laws offered to host this, since they were amongst the out of town guests, and it worked out great.  My husband and I were able to have some fun conversations with the guests, we shared laughs over funny moments the night before, took a few more pictures, and embraced the moment of spending time with those we never get to see due to the distances.  The guests appreciated this set aside time for us all to have a few more moments.

At Home
Another option is to hold this at your own home, or someone whom will host this for you.  You can have it simply be bagels, donuts and coffee, catered from places like Jason's Deli or Corner Bakery, or, if someone isn't tired and exhausted, prepare the brunch by serving up mini quiches, sandwiches, salad, chips, etc.  Some people might have put on a crockpot of food the day before, just to bring for this brunch at home.

This is also a great time to open up your presents, especially from those out of town guests.  They will want to see your faces light up when you open their gift.

Serve up some Mimosas and Bloody Marys, especially for those whom might need a bit of "hair of the dog"! You might have left over bottles of champagne from the wedding, and this is a great time to continue sharing the bubbly.

I was an out of town guest at a wedding once, and my dear friend, the bride, actually held the day after brunch at her home!  I was amazed she had planned this.  Her close friends brought over crockpots, sandwiches, beer, just like any old gathering, as if a wedding didn't happen the night before!  The ambiance felt like a bowl game party, football was playing on the TV, guys were in their jerseys, the ladies gathered in the kitchen, that is the feel of the day after my friend wanted, and it was great.  I was glad to have a few moments to visit, since I had flown in from so far, and was on my way out a few hours following.

Its really up to you, what you want to do, if you have time and/or aren't off to the airport to catch your honeymoon flight, plan a gathering the day after your wedding, and enjoy extra moments with your loved ones from far away.

Photo Credit: Phoenix News Times

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