{Party Inspiration} Circa1950's

Vintage Fun

Vintage Pin-Up Girl Bachelorette Party

Vintage is seen everywhere, and what's not to love about items from the past, renewed in the twenty aughts?  Vintage clothing is one of the hottest fashion trends around, and has been so for a while.  Antique malls are filled to the brim with vintage artifacts, and we see the treasures pop up in people's homes, businesses, and as of late are debuting anew at wedding events.

The best time to show off all the savvy vintage finds and styles can be in a multitude of platforms, and one of the most popular ways is at a wedding.  Couples all over are incorporating vintage inspired looks into their wedding day, which makes for amazing black and white photo ops, making a modern couple's big day look like it happened 60 years ago.

Weddings aren't the only time to see vintage minded people display their passion for things from another era.  Couples are holding "Mad Men" inspired rehearsal dinners, and the like.  As well, Vintage Pin-Up Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Engagements Parties, as well as birthdays and other celebrations.

What makes this easy to do is the access to all the ideas, clothing, gifts, and trinkets that are in fact vintage, vintage restored to a new era, or made to look vintage.

Anne Taintor 2011 Wall Calendar

One of my favorite gift and novelty companies is Anne Taintor.  You might not be familiar with the name, but you might be familiar with the product line! The artwork, created by Anne Taintor, is found on refrigerator magnets, sticky notes, notepads, wall calendars, reusable bags and even flasks!  The images are of women, depicted in the 1950's, with their perfect hair, pearls, aprons tied just right, but the comedy of putting words to what is behind the expression is priceless!  These would make great gifts for really any occasion, or just because, and are fun to incorporate into a vintage themed party!

Another similar line is by Ephemera.  Sayings like "It's been lovely, but I have to scream" can be found on kitchen towels, notepads, pot holders, and other products.

A lotion and soaps company called Dolce Mia Designs showcases vintage appeal artwork on bottles of organic lotion, soap bars, and stationary.  Their most popular line is the Vintage Pin-Up Girl line, with images of "Golden Girl", "Red Hot", and "Starlet", very perfect to have as favors at a bachelorette party or bridal shower.  The vintage artwork appears on classic invitations, as seen on the Vintage Pin-Up Girl Invites, and compliments the would be favors for guests to take home, and actually use or display as fun artwork.

Another cute stationary source I found, depicting 1950's inspired imagery, is B. Nute Productions.  They have actual bridal shower invitations they sell on Etsy.com, that scream 1950's!  These invites are vibrant, and too cute to pass up, if the opportunity arises, and your guests will love them!

Charmed, I'm Sure Dress

When it comes to the part of dressing up for a vintage themed party, you're covered with online businesses like ModCloth.com, or why not visit the antique shoppes quarter of your city.  Turn to Yelp.com to locate antique stores, and visit the ones with high compliments.  Sometimes the stores do not have a website, and might not be listed in an online search engine, but someone might have stumbled into the little haven and gone straight to Yelp to spread the word of the store's awesomeness.  You never know what lies hidden unless you explore.
Assorted Fruit Slices

Send your guys and dolls home with sweets reminiscent of the days when times were simpler.  Candies like "BB-Bats", "Red Raspberry Dollars", "Fruit Slices" and many more, your guests will scream with delight!

If you've pondered about adding vintage flair to your wedding events, or any party event, hopefully these finds have inspired you!  It is quite possible, and aren't you the savvy doll to put together your own vintage party!

Happy planning!