Brooch Bouquets

A trend that hit big in 2010 is the "Brooch Bouquet", as pictured above.  If you are planning a wedding full of traditions and vintage touches, these pretties are sure to make a statement, your statement.

The bouquets can be pieced together with heirloom brooches from all sides of your family and future family, compiling them into a beautiful display, showing your adoration for family traditions and knack for vintage style.  The bouquets will last your lifetime and beyond, and will be easy to pass down for future brides in your family.  

Start asking family members if they have pieces lying around that they would love for you to incorporate into your bridal bouquet.  

Peruse antique malls and check out vintage brooch collections-prices can range from $5 to $75+.  If you are lucky you might find a "grab bag" that antique malls might put together, combining hodgepodge jewelry pieces into a large ziploc bag at a single price-you might get lucky with one or two pieces, or many pieces.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets are great to use as well to vary the pieces.

Also, check out Michael's and Hobby Lobby for vintage looking brooches.  Options are out there, and it might take a while to find enough to create your bouquet-50-80 pieces is the going amount for brooch only bouquets.  

We will soon share a "how to" guide to creating a vintage brooch bouquet.  Sure to be a great DIY project!

Will you carry the trend into 2011 and beyond?  

Happy planning!

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