Preserving the Bridal Bouquet

Have you given thought about what to do with your bouquet once you've walked down the aisle?  Do you plan to do the preservation of the bouquet as your post wedding DIY project, or have a professional do this for you?  Many options and ideas exist regarding this aspect, which is a small detail, and yet again, it is one of those details most brides think about.

This post is not a DIY post on how to preserve the bouquet and the steps involved in the process, which can be lengthy and time consuming.  This post is to offer an idea that maybe you haven't been approached about: Silk Bridal Bouquet Replica

My florist offered this service to me, and I think it is a great idea.  She took my bouquet, and matched it nearly exactly, including flower bling and the chocolate orchids to name a few of the details, and now my bouquet is forever preserved!  My florist is highly talented, and knows the best places to find the most real looking "fake" flowers out there.  I am not sure if other florists out there provide the same service to clients, it seems it would create a huge rise in sales.  My florist was more of an independent florist consultant, and offering this preservation method is a way to help her business grow.

The end result, when I was handed my replica bouquet, was stunning!  I am so happy I took her up on her offer.  I was afraid, if preserving via the drying or pressing methods, my bouquet might not be able to withstand years of possible wear and tear, and this bouquet will surely last a lifetime and beyond.  It is stored in the vintage birdcage we used as our cards and notes holder at the reception, and is displayed in our guest room, for all to see when they pass through.  It adds decor to the room, and has meaning.

Ask your florist if they offer this, and if not, ask around to someone whom might at places like craft or fabric stores.

Just another savvy tip about what to do with your bridal bouquet.  Leave a comment on your bridal bouquet plans, love to hear what brides are doing with their bouquets!

Happy planning!