Save on your wedding with the help of Social Coupons

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I'm sure you have stumbled upon savings websites like "Groupon" or "Living Social".  Maybe you give them a look, maybe you look away.

The coupon companies approach local businesses and ask them if they want to offer a "group" discount, via a group coupon.  The coupons might require 5 purchases before the discount is offered at a discounted rate to everybody, and are great to take advantage of.  Its a way to promote local businesses, to bring in new customers, and to keep returning customers.

If you are looking for wedding related deals in your city, maybe take a daily look at these sites to see if anything offered might be of great use towards your wedding preparations.  For example, a local dance company might be offering 5 dance classes at a hugely discounted price via "Groupon", "Living Social", "KGB Deals", etc.  Maybe you have thought to take you and your fiancé/fiancée to dance lessons, either to prepare for the first dance, or maybe choreograph a routine to stun your crowd, and this coupon offer is perfect for you to use.  

You never know what is going to be offered on any day, why not subscribe to a few coupon companies, see what they offer, if nothing is of interest, delete them and move on.  If you don't want to bother with this, assign someone in your bridal party to stay on top of the deals to alert you to.   

Not all coupon companies exist in every city, or even every state, but its worth seeing if any exist near you and see what you can save on. You might be out of luck with venue deals, but in luck with salons/spas, photographers, jewelry, even favors and wine!

Enjoy the savings, and happy planning!