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By now in your wedding planning, you might have been to a bridal expo, or have done your research to find venues and vendors for your wedding.  You might have a pile of businesses cards, referrals from friends, etc.  Now is the time to further research the businesses you've been handed the info of.

When looking for wedding professionals, such as venues, caterers, florists, photographers, etc, any vendor in the wedding industry, look for reviews on the normal wedding channels like WeddingWire.com, WeddingBee.com, TheKnot.com, etc.  See what brides have to say, how it was to work with the main point of contact, how the serving staff treated their guests, how the photographer worked with their needs, etc.  Hopefully the vendors are listed on these sites, and have many reviews, hopefully good, but see if not so good or mediocre as well.  Ten brides might give raving reviews, and one bride might have a terrible review for whatever reason.  Balance the good to the bad, and then continue the research from there.

Many wedding professionals are proud to place a badge on their website, showcasing they were a "pick" or "best of" for one of the mentioned websites, its a great honor, and shows there is great buzz for the businesses.

While the reviews are on the big sites, don't forget to look at sites like Yelp.com as well.  Therein reviews might be of people whom attended any sort of event, be it corporate, celebratory, and not just focused on weddings, but a well rounded, well known business.  Of course catering to brides, grooms, couples and wedding planning is a plus, but it is good to review other event attendees' remarks.  As well, you might find venues on there not listed on WeddingWire.com, for example, due to the fact the vendor might be small, possibly a hidden treasure that has just what your'e looking for, and you never knew existed.

Likewise with sites like Yelp.com, look into sites like UrbanSpoon.com for food vendors specifically.  It is a source, much like Yelp, but food minded, and shares what people say about businesses in the food industry, such as bakeries, caterers, or restaurants, that also cater events, small and large.  You want to know that the food you'll be serving your guests will be a hit, and can play a major roll of being a hit or miss at weddings.  We all have been to weddings where the chicken was so dry and bland, the bread was stale, etc.  Things do happen in the kitchen, especially for large events, but if repeated cases state unsavory food, well, keep it in mind.  This is why taste testing is much needed, as well can be fun, but it gives you a personal tasting of what will be served to your precious guests.  More often food will be enjoyable, but just be on the weary side when negative reviews are placed.

As well, seek out what sites in your city/state may list as their top pics for weddings, restaurants, etc.  Its great to find a venue or vendor that is listed, further validating your choice.

When seeing the reviews, and even if negative reviews, keep in mind competitors, although not professional at all, might post negative reviews on a business, to turn people away from that business.  Thus the further research to narrow down your decision.  Just stay savvy and keep a keen eye out on your wedding vendor of choice.

One last thing, review your vendors after your event!  This will help brides after you, and be kind and straight to the point.  If your flowers aren't fresh, photographer didn't mesh with you, food wasn't up to par, bartenders too heavy handed, DJ didn't play what you requested, state this to spread the word.  Chances are you will be leaving good reviews, but leaving reviews helps heaps!

Stay savvy, and happy planning!


  1. Great advice! I also searched for my area in the blog section of Google. Lots of wedding bloggers who feature real weddings will include a vendor list at the end. Or I would just go to my favorite blogs and search for my area to find awesome vendors.

  2. Thanks for the comment and feedback! Blogs are always a great resource, especially those focused on local areas to share about. Thanks again! :)


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