Wedding Wishes

Wedding wishes, the little notes guests leave for the happy couple.

More and more we see guest books disappearing, and in place are new and fun alternatives for guests to leave notes of sentiments, advice, etc.  Take a look at what is new for guestbook alternatives!

{Image via Beau-Coup Favors}

A new and unique idea just sprung up at Beau-Coup Favors, the "Wishing Tree Kit", which is a DIY project.  The decorations can be customized to fit your style and color.  Guests leave little messages on the ribbons, and hang them on the boughs of the tree.  Very cute and simple, and the tree is recycled-great touch to a eco-chic couple.

Bride & Groom Wedding Wishing Pot with Cards
{Image via Hanson Ellis Favors}

How cute are these "Wishing Pots" by Hanson Ellis Favors? Perfect for smaller weddings, with 50 notes per pot.  They are really charming for guests to discover and leave thoughtful wishes to the couple, and what a great way for couples to keep the wishes nearby in their home.  

Cherry Blossom Zen Message in a Pot
{Image via Hanson Ellis Favors}

On the same note as the wishing pot, these "Zen Message Wishing Pots" are perfect for a more contemporary wedding, but same idea to leave well wishes in a nice pot for the couple to display on their mantle, knowing that well wishes are within reach.

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Some alternatives, that are "outside the box", in terms of the guestbook: turn your ipad into a way for guests to write/draw on your ipad and save the messages-of course have someone savvy in iPad lingo to help guests learn how to create the message.  Later you can upload the wishes into a file to keep for yourself, and then share with others.  Confession booths are becoming trendy, as with photo booths, and people can take the time to step into the booth, relay their wishes, and you are left with "confession wishes" to enjoy with your spouse!  For the indie couple, have LPs you don't mind "ruining", and have your guests sign various vinyl records with their wishes to you, which can be displayed throughout your home in box frames, or hanging about like cool art pieces. These ideas have been used at real weddings shared on, take a gander and see if you are inspired by these fun ideas.

On a personal note from my own wedding, we did not have a traditional guestbook.  My maid of honor was very creative, and had guests sign their well wishes onto pieces of elegant scrapbook paper, written with metallic pens, and the notes were then placed into a vintage inspired bird cage, which also housed the wedding cards.  It added a great touch to our venue, and the notes were then put into a scrapbook for us to enjoy for years to come. 

{Image from C. Van Rensburg}

Whatever you decide as your choice of "guestbook", many ideas exist to fit your style.  Have fun finding what suits you, as a couple, and enjoy your guests reactions to your creative touch to a standby that is now prevalent in new ways.

Happy planning!