Honeymooning soon? Don't forget your Social Coupons!

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Before you go, be in the know!

If planning your honeymoon is stressing you out due to costs, these tips might be helpful!

Do your savvy research when you are planning your honeymoon, and don't leave out Groupon or Living Social from your arsenal of travel references to help you find deals that will get you in the door at great local dining spots and other deals.

Ditch the creature comforts of home
When traveling where you might know people, they always take you great spots to show off their city, right?  If you and your spouse to be are going somewhere without contacts, which usually is the case, be a friend to yourself and pick out spots.  Go local and stay away from the chains.  Share the spots with your friends when they go, they'll love you for it, and so will the businesses!

Great deals are out there, whether its a romantic dinner for two, ticket discounts to the theatre, hot air balloon rides, you name it, cities come up with unique deals for the locals and nonlocals alike.  

Escape the usual, venture the road less traveled
Lodging deals are always popping up as well, which benefit the honeymoon shopper. Living Social has a travel section called Living Social Escapes, with many deals at hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, lodges, etc. in the US, Canada, and Mexico!  The deals are pretty incredible, and often include a bottle of wine with the room, passes to a local winery for wine tasting, vouchers for dining, etc.

If you are planning a honeymoon that might be in the country, and still in your state, so many deals are running in the most unique spots you may have never heard of.   A sweet inn, in Vermont, a b&b on the coast of Maine, love havens exist, and the deals do too!  

Passport required, you're covered!
Headed abroad for the post nuptial vacation? No prob! Groupons are available in 28 countries including Canada, the U.K., France, and Japan.  Living Social is available in 5, including Canada, Australia, and Ireland.  Go for it, check out what's happening where you are going to be honeymooning, this research will broaden your understanding of the city you'll be in and the surrounding areas.

If you're headed to Australia, and you and your spouse to be are divers, wouldn't it be great to know if there is a diving deal for the great barrier reef?  Likewise, if in Paris, you and  your sweetie want to go to enjoy a beautiful and local Parisian meal, at a spot that might otherwise be costly, but there might be a chance!

Its great to know where to turn to, to save a few pennies!  Spend your money on souvenirs, and save on lodging and the outings.

Be sure to check the reviews of the deals you discover to help you decide what you invest in.  Refer to YelpUrban SpoonTrip Advisor etc. for customer reviews.  And always read the details of the deals in full.  

Pay for your hotel, meals, entrance fees to tours in advance, etc. with Groupon or Living Social, you've just made yourself an all inclusive vacation, which means less stress!

Now aren't you savvy saver bride, planning your honeymoon!

Let us know if this is helpful.  Leave a comment below! 

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