Just Married!

Just Married!

Make a statement!

However you want to share to the world you are "Just Married", there are cute ideas out there

Gone are the days of writing messages on car windows with shoe polish, and in are unique touches that make for great photo ops!  As a bride myself, now married, I wish I had stumbled upon cute ways, like these, to incorporate to my wedding.  

My fave image in this board is of the couple on the ski lift! Love this!  I also love the use of the vintage car, and the cute sign in the upper right corner.  The bicycle idea is adorable as well, makes me think of a wedding in a French vineyard or country setting.

Be inspired to bring your own "Just Married" touch to your wedding photography! Have it as a DIY project, or they can be easily found online.  

Top Row 
Middle Row 
Bottom Row


  1. I love all the unique ways couples say just married and sweet sayings with signs. Love the bike photo and the banner. <3

  2. Thanks, Diana! I so wish I had known of this cute trend when I got married!


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