Parisian Bridal Shower Theme

Parisian Bridal Shower Theme

This inspiration board was created in the name of amour and Paris.  Nothing says amour like France, likewise, nothing says Paris more than the Eiffel Tower, non?

If you are a bride-to-be, or know a bride-to-be, and are smitten with all things French, this theme might be perfect, especially if time has been spent in Paris, or if Paris is the honeymoon destination.

The theme is feminine, sweet, and tres chic!  

Start off with the invitations, which this bridal shower invite was found on Wedding Paper Divas.  This invite might not have French connotations, but it displays frilly feminine elements that do look French.  If you are planning more of a brunch/dinner type shower, this style is perfect to share the idea a semi-formal event will be celebrated with a sit-down meal. 

When it comes to favors, it is not hard to find cute soaps, stationary, and always the sweets with French accents!  I stumbled upon a set of "fine champagne truffles", pictured above, which look divine.  And the macaroons?  They are macaroon candles!  Many French themed gifts, favors and stationary are in abundance on the interwebs, search on to start, and see what's out there.  The soaps pictured above come from, likewise the stationary was discovered there.   

Serve up some pink champagne to your guests, they will swoon!  Something about champagne flutes filled with pink bubbly brings smiles to all.  You could also serve up champagne cocktails to your guests, that might have a splash of pomegranate liqueur, or some raspberries to pinken the golden bubbly. Click on the link above for possible recipe choices.  

Planning the menu can take time.  Serve up savory dishes like quiche or mini quiches.  Fondue is a great treat to serve guests, cut up bread cubes and apple slices for dipping.  French onion soup works well.  Or you could offer mini croissant sandwiches, warmed or cold.  If you want to have the shower catered, many caterers can offer you advice on deciding between simple sandwiches and salads, or complicated entrees.  Fruit and cheese platters are easy to come by, and can be a great appetizer or an accompaniment to the meal served. And nothing says French dessert like chocolate! Ooh, the options are abundant!

Dress the part of guest of honor or hostess with the mostess in cute little numbers like the one pictured above, which was found on  Pair the sweet Bestsey Johnson shoes to tie up the "Frenchie" ensemble.  

Create an ambiance with sweet music with French twists.  Decorate with simple vases filled with soft pink roses, and candles about the room.  Keep the decor simple, and let the unique favors and other touches speak the theme.  Or deck the halls and walls with beautiful scenes of Paris, or even snapshots of the time spent in France.

May your shower make everyone say "oh la la", and be "tres magnifique", especially for the bride-to-be, whom will sing "merci beaucoup" throughout the entire shower! 

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