Springtime DIY

Perfect for a springtime wedding, bridal shower or a baby shower!

Here's a sweet little project that can be whipped up rather easily, and wow the guests at your springtime gatherings.  They can be placed at each guests' seat, or to decorate your dessert table.

  • Mini Marshmallows
  • White candy melts
  • Sugar sprinkles in various colors
  • Chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • Mini nests
All items can be found at Michael's, except marshmallows.  

*Tip: I learned something new, there is a difference in marshmallows by the brand-who knew?  I have been using "Jet Puffed" marshmallows by Kraft.  In a time crunch I ran to Fresh and Easy and they sell "Cinch" only, they are shriveled looking and not as "fluffly" as those by "Jet Puffed".  Perfect to use in dishes and to make fudge, but not for presentation.  Just wanted to add that tid bit.  

Much like the DIY post on the Marshmallow Pops, this follows the same path, but much easier.  Below a quick how to, to catch the gist of the idea, and then here's the link to the Marshmallow Pop DIY
  • Melt the candy in your preferred method of melting.  Previous I used the double boiler method.  This time I used melting trays, which are found right there with the melts.  Fill the trays half full, and heat in the microwave at 30 second intervals, at 50% power.  If you attempt to try to heat faster by putting in longer and at full power you will burn the tray.  When the melts are on their way, shake the tray slightly to make sure they are becoming liquid.
  • Once your candy is melted and ready, dip your marshmallows into the melted candy enough to cover the tips and a little on the side, then dip into your sprinkles, and gently twist the marshmallow to get it good and covered.
  • Place your marshmallows into the fridge to cool, letting the candy harden. 
  • Fill your nests with the chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and place your cooled marshmallows in, like little eggs.
And there you have it! Easy, fun and very cute! 

As an alternate, make larger Marshmallow Pops, sans lollipop stick, and place them on little flower cutouts.  Just as cute, and filled with sweetness.  In the image above, the sprinkles were the springtimes sprinkles available at Michael's with the Easter items. These flower cutouts were to be used to decorate pops, I didn't like the turn out, so I used them to nestle the Marshmallows into the nests.  

Enjoy and happy Spring wishes!