"Sweet" DIY Project-Marshmallow Pops

Just in time for Valentine's Day, these treats are perfect for giving to your Valentine, and easy to put together.  The pops can be given as individual favors, or bundled up into bouquets.
**Perfect for bridal showers!

Below is the list of ingredients/tools used, and the "how to" on turning an old fashioned standby into a dazzling modern treat!


Large Marshmallows (Jet Puffed) (white or pink)
Candy Wafers (Wilton brand) (chocolate, white, colored, etc)
Sprinkles (nonpareils, pearls, regular sprinkles, any color combo)
Vegetable oil (on hand)
6"-8" Lollipop Sticks (Wilton brand)
Non-Stick Parchment paper
Heat resistant bowl (for melting candy)
Sauce pan

Find the sprinkles, candy wafers, lollipop sticks, and parchment paper at Michaels' Craft Stores & Hobby Lobby.

Find the heat resistant bowls at Bed Bath and Beyond or Target, likewise the sauce pan and whisk.


  • Set up your stations like an assembly line!  Start boiling water in your sauce pan.  Line a cooking sheet with the parchment paper, and set sheet near sauce pan.  Pour sprinkles into bowl, if using different colors, fill many bowls and line them up between where your sauce pan is and where your cookie sheet is.  

  • Once water is at a boil, fill candy wafers into heat resistant bowl, and place bowl over the sauce pan.  Bowl should sit nicely into pan, but make sure water is not touching the bowl.  The candy wafers will begin melting slowly.  Start stirring your whisk to make sure all wafers are in contact with the heat, this will help them melt faster.  This is when you might need the vegetable oil.  If your mixture is melted all the way through, yet it is really thick and not smooth, add in a touch of vegetable oil (NOT EVOO!), this will help thin out the thick mixture, without affecting the flavor. You do not want the texture to be runny/soupy, you want it like pudding.  If the mixture is still too thick, continue adding in a little bit of oil at a time until it is the desired thickness.  

  • Once you have your smooth and silky melted candy mixture, now comes the fun part! Take your marshmallow (I used pink and white marshmallows), dip one end into the melted candy, enough to cover the base and a little on the sides, like so:


  • Shake off any excess candy, if there is any it will drip off.
  • Now dip your candy coated marshmallow into the awaiting sprinkle bowls.  All you have to do is dip it, then gently turn, with your fingers, the marshmallow around, like you are closing a soda bottle.  You will see the sprinkles are sticking to the melted candy, and the melted candy is not leaving trails behind.  It may do so from time to time if you let the candy cool too much, but usually no trace is left behind in your sprinkles.  
  • Set the marshmallow on to the cookie sheet, with candy coated side down.  You might think this is crazy, but this helps it set, and this is why we use parchment paper.  If you set the candy side up, two things might happen: 1) melted candy and sprinkles will drip down the side; 2) the candy coated end might make your marshmallow topple over, ruining your treat plans, visually anyway, still yummy as all get out!
  • When you have filled your sheet, place it into the fridge for about 5 mins.  This is all the time it takes for candy to harden!
  • Pull the sheet out, and take out those lollipop sticks!  Take one and poke it into the marshmallow, while the marshmallow is still on the sheet, and make sure to get in deep enough so that the little cloud of goodness won't be able to fall off.  Setting the marshmallows in the fridge also hardens the treat just a bit, which helps when putting the pop together.  This is what you'll start to see:

  • After this point, that is really all there is to putting these together.  How you want to present them is up to you.  You can arrange them into a large latte cup, like a vase, and make it a sweet  "bouquet"; you can simply serve them on a plate for your crowd to grab, or you could serve the candy coated marshmallows, sans lollipop sticks, sprinkly side up side up with some other treats, as pictured below.


To learn how to do the simple and fun candy coated pretzel sticks, here's a link to that DIY post:

These little favors can really be as beautiful as you want them to be, and are simply delightful! 

Ooh and ahh your guests, and have fun with this project!  

Enjoy the sweet goodness and happy planning!


  1. Thanks for this diy. I've been looking for cute ideas for the sweets bar at our reception. other than just using canisters of loose candy. this idea is so cute!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Glad you found it helpful! If you do this, I hope it works out, and message me on Twitter or Facebook if you need help! Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! :)


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