Tuesday Shoesday: Vol 3

The ruffles have it!

Hometown Reunion Heel

Ruffles got me again this week for my Tuesday Shoesday pick!

Something about this simple black peep-toe shoe, and that ruffle (!!!), it just speaks to me!  How lovely would that feel to have the ankle embraced by velvety goodness?  I'd say it would be pretty darned delightful.

Its one thing to have the simple black shoe to go with any outfit.  Then there is this shoe, which will make for a dazzling accompaniment to any evening attire, especially for the bridal party. Can you imagine the reactions from your bridesmaids if you picked this to be the shoe to go with their dresses?  They'd squeal with delight, and you've just checked one thing off your list!

This shoe is called the "Hometown Reunion Heel", found at Mod Cloth.  I've not seen this appear elsewhere, so I might be adding this ruffly cutie to my shoe collection this week!  It makes me want to wear them to an exciting art gallery opening, or some grand public affair, for these beauties are meant to be seen.

What do you think of this shoe?  Am I alone in being smitten, or is it dreamy across the board?

Whatever your opinion, enjoy the inspirations today! 

Happy shoesday tuesday!


  1. It reminds me of a flirty Spanish dress with ruffles at the bottom. Very sexy!

  2. You're right! It does have that appeal!!

  3. I adore these! They are classic + can be paired with anything! Fab post! {A}

  4. Thanks, Aleah! Thanks for the {A} as well! I am beyond smitten with these cuties!


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