Cakes that inspire


What's not to love about cakes?  We know the answer! Delicious for our eyes to savor, tantilizing on our tastebuds, and the oh so sweet kick that sends us soaring from the rush of beautiful confections.

Here are a few cakes that are brilliant inspirations for wedding cakes, and we hope you agree!

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It is quite hard to choose the favorite amongst these beautiful displays of art and design.  Each design is unique in its own right.

I love the floral splash of the first one, the intricate eyelet lace design of number 2, the simplicity of number 3, the wow factor of number 4 {so amazing!}, the quilted designs of number 5, the beautiful embellishments and colors of number 6, and the darling display of number 7.

If I had to pick one?  I have to go with the image at the top of the page! Its speaks to me so! As well, it inspires not only for the wedding cake inspiration, but color palette and flower pick.

They are all gorgeous in our book, and I hope they inspire you to meet with a baker, and get some designs going!

Happy planning!

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Top Image: Le Fiores
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