Monday Motivation: Vol 4

Lavender...In the eyes of the beholder

Beyond Bold. Statement Necklace. Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry, Repurposed.

An homage to the late Elizabeth Taylor is this week's Monday Motivation.

Oh how this shimmers with lavender elegance, as did the eyes of the late Elizabeth Taylor.  This piece, created by my friend at Prettied on Etsy, was selected in a Treasury segment on Etsy, "She Had Violet Eyes...A tribute to La Liz".  How fitting for the piece to be selected in a tribute to a legendary lady.  

Would Elizabeth Taylor have had the same impact as she did, if her gorgeous eyes were a different color?  Her eyes dazzled the globe, her sultry aura embraced all with her transatlantic voice and gorgeous curves.  She might have had the same glamorous appeal as Sophia Lauren or Brigitte Bardot, but those eyes were divine and raised the bar, and does this beauty.

This piece embodies the essence of Elizabeth Taylor, and I am so happy for my friend this piece, and even a second piece, were chosen to shine with other wonders that reflect the look of "La Liz's" eyes.  

Whatever inspires you today, happy perusing the Monday Motivations!