Thursday Purse Day: Vol 7

Swoon worthy clutches!

I stumbled upon these cuties today, and felt so worthy for this week's Thursday Purse Day!

I love these, as they are small, petite, and perfect for weddings!  What makes them swoon worthy is the chiffon and unique design of each little darling clutch.

I'm torn which is my favorite! I love the sweet sunburst design of the first pick, the aqua color with pearl accents of the 2nd, the rose bud beauty of the 3rd, and the rose and bling design of the 4th-this is my fave, I'll admit!  The colors are so sweet as well, and make the perfect acompaniment to any occasion.  The rose bud purse comes in other colors as well! Contact the owner to see if other purses are available in other colors.

These treasures were found on Etsy, by Heide Creations, made in Australia.

Whatever inspires you on this Thursday Purseday, happy perusing the purse inspirations! 


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