Tuesday Shoesday: Vol 5

Plum surprised!


As soon as I saw this adorable shoe, I chose it to be the choice for Tuesday Shoesday!

I love this shoe on so many levels! The color is eye popping, the cut-out design is unique, the bow is flirty, it is quite a shoe! This would be adorable for the bridal party! I envision great shoots of the bride revealing the shoe under a possibly long gown.  

I discovered the shoe at Do Co Products, which is the shop for Arizona's largest boutique salon, Dolce Salon and Spa.  While everyone might not be able to experience the services of the salon, if out of state, everyone can experience the glamor and fashion that embraces the salon, by way of their shop!

Happy Tuesday Shoesday, enjoy perusing the pics!


  1. holy bow tie! :) I LOVE the color!

  2. Those are super sexy! I love the color, the bow, everything!

  3. What a sexy purple heel! The bow is so lovely! <3

  4. That is just the perfect plum shoe! I love it! {A}

  5. Great site. Good information. Like it. Will be back to read more soon.

  6. Thanks for all the comments on these sassy shoes! I love them, and cannot wait to own them! :)


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