Wedding Decor Inspiration: Frames & Mirrors

Picture it at your Wedding Reception

Recently I've been drawn to images of outdoor wedding receptions that use frames and mirrors to hang from tree branches.

Such a charming way to add a little home spun feel and a touch of whimsy to your wedding reception.  Adding frames to the outdoors is brilliant, and hanging them from tree branches gives the element of windows, and makes for some unique photography angles.  

My favorite image is the center pic, with the hanging clocks and frames above the reception table.  The whole scene is rustic and chic, and can equally be set for a garden or tea party, or any occasion. 

I also love the use of mirrors as decor, it adds the element of trompe d'oeil, making the space appear larger than it is, as well might catch people off guard that they are looking at themselves, rather than through a window.  

The image in the lower right corner is stunning for a color palette! I love the aqua and fuchsia color combo.  This image is an example of a "photo booth" prop, and makes for great artistic photography! 

Whatever inspires you, have fun perusing the inspirations that exist, and turn your dreams into a reality for your wedding day.

Happy planning! 

Images found on Style Me Pretty and Pinterest
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