{Decor Idea} Seashell Bliss

Seashell inspirations to incorporate into the perfect beach wedding

Seashell Bliss

Brides with beaches on your mind, this one is for you.  The vibe of this board is fun and natural.  So much inspiration comes from the pretty treasures we find on the water's edge-dainty seashells, mighty starfish, polished pebbles, and maybe a bottle with a message inside.

The scenery surrounding the water's edge is so natural, and can offer the major role to the beach wedding.  Deep and light hues of aqua paired with light green, nude, sandy beige and white create a stunning palette.

Adding elements from the sea to your reception decor creates a natural and relaxed ambiance.  Fish netting can be used as the base for table runners, with starfish and various seashells strewn about.  Pieces of large driftwood or coral are excellent for the centerpieces as well.  

Green or turquoise glass mason jars filled with simple flowers is a great way to add more color to the table decor.  If green mason jars cannot be found, add a tiny bit of blue food coloring to the water filled up to the lip of the jar-for pictures it'll look like colored glass jars.  
If your wedding is at night on the beach, mini lanterns are an excellent way to bring lighting to your table for that rustic beach vibe.  Have a controlled bonfire going nearby for guests to keep warm when the ocean breezes pick up, which will also add a great ambiance to the night.  Whom doesn't love bonfires on a beach?

Another fun use of seashells is to find large shells that can hold a tea light or small voties, and you've just made yourself a cute DIY project for your wedding!  Make sure shells are cupped enough so the melted wax doesn't leak onto your table.  
Likewise, creating a raffia loop, and securing a starfish to it is a simple way to dress up the aisle, or wherever you see yourself possibly hanging starfish.  

I really love the idea of using messages in a bottle as escort cards.  The message in a bottle theme is a really fun treat your guests will love.  I also enjoy the idea of using large glass bottles, the kind you might actually find washed up from the sea, as table numbers, which can be filled with sand, or a few stems of simple flowers, or just left empty.  Adding these simple touches really ties the whole theme together.

The image I find most stunning is the seashell bouquet! It is a statement bouquet for sure, and one to not toss later in the night-keep this one as a souvenir!  The mix of different shapes and sizes of the seashells gives the bouquet depth and character.  

The cakes add the bit of fun to the board, and are equally unique.  The "sand bucket" cake is adorable, with the play on adding brown sugar to reflect the sand, and the edible seashell toppings.  This cake idea is really good for any beachside occasion.  The "seashell" cake is an elegant piece, and is perfect for the beach wedding. 

Finding seashell themed favors and invitations is not hard, plenty of choices to chose from.  Pictured above are personalized labels to adorn favors with from Beau-Coup, and invitations with starfish shaped flowers from Wedding Paper Divas.  

May the friends from the sea, and the natural elements found surrounding the beach be of great inspiration and use to piecing together your beach wedding.  

Happy planning!

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  1. What a round up and great suggestions, too! I love tea lights in shells...so elegant.

  2. Thanks, Naomi! So much! Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo


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