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Today's post is two fold.  One side showcases a unique chapel full of architectural elements that are too amazing for words.  The other comes from yours truly, having wed in a historical chapel, 2 years ago to this date on April 25, 2009.

I stumbled upon the first image today, and was amazed!  This chapel is so small, not sure how people can fit within.  It was designed by the amazing architect Peter Zumthor.  I would really like a tour of this place, it speaks to my architect soul, from when I was in school for Interior Design.  The exterior lines are horizontal, the interior lines are vertical.  Amazing!  Local trees were used, and local farmers were involved in the labor.  

But a tour would be wonderful to see how big this chapel might be on the inside.  Due to this place of worship being in Germany, a land far from where I am right now, chances are I might not get to see it anytime soon, but some of you may!  It is The Bruder Kraus Field Chapel, located in Mechernich.

{Image via Apartment Therapy}

Chapels really speak to me, especially ones that are historical in nature.  Such was the case of the chapel that was chosen for my own nuptials to my husband.  

I am a native of Tempe, Arizona, grew up there, always drove by this chapel, and how lovely a wedding would be there.  Years later it never crossed my mind to actually book my own wedding ceremony there, until one day it dawned on me that the chapel would be the perfect spot.  

I did not belong to the church, The All Saints Catholic Church, located by Arizona State University, however it is a Catholic church, and since we both were, I reached out to find out how to become a member, and more importantly, how to wed there.  

The highlight of this adorable chapel is the fact that it is the oldest church for the whole of Phoenix, Arizona.  It is an historical landmark, as well a place of worship, which gave way to a very special meaning for us, and for our guests to not just sit in a church, but in a place that had so much meaning, and withstanding the build up of the now megatroplis that Phoenix and her cities are currently considered.

Once inside the chapel, I was thrilled with the stained glass windows, the wooden floors, the architecture of the nave, the choir balcony, and its size.  It is perfect for small to medium sized audiences.    

The part I loved was the balcony, and knew that would help for aerial photography.  I was hoping our photographer would be able to take shots from above, and he and his partner did so quite beautifully.  
I am including the next pick, because the best part of our ceremony was to take place, and I didn't even know it yet.  Here we are exiting the building to step outside as the newly married couple.  Towards the bottom left hand corner you see a person standing there, what she was waiting for was us to cross the threshold so she could ring the chapel bell, which filled the busy Saturday afternoon air! Cars passing by honked their horns, people cheered and applauded, people on bicycles rang their bells, we were so shocked! These were just people milling around ASU's campus, and saw a married couple, and joined in the celebrations!  

Looking back on that moment makes me teary.  It makes me wish we had gone with a videographer to capture that surreal moment! It felt so traditional, so much like back in the days when chapels with tiny bells lined the landscape instead of mega churches that look like office buildings, and bells would ring for celebrations.  For us, we made the perfect choice for our wedding, and it was really fulfilling to experience all that we did.  

The last image here was obviously a set shoot, way after the marriage license was signed, and other family picks, but all family and bridal party members set up on the stairs to the church, and reenacted our exit from the church!  I love this moment, it is traditional, and doesn't really look modern day!  

I look fondly upon our wedding in its entirety, and that is how it should be.  Envision what you want, seek out how to get all the finite details included, and you will amazed at your vision come to real life! 

Happy planning!

Wedding Photography by Clive Van Rensburg


  1. I loved reading about how special your pretty chapel was to you and it's history. You and your husband look fabulous in those photos {and so very very happy!} x

  2. Aww, thank you so much! Appreciate the lovely comments! xo

  3. Oh what a beautiful little chapel! You both look so incredibly happy too :)

  4. Ahhh let's see more wedding photos!!

  5. Thanks, Alicia! I will work on a post soon with more photos!


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