Tuesday Shoesday: Vol 10

Inspirations from Afar

This image is so fitting for my recent posts on Moroccan inspirations, and has been picked for this week's Tuesday Shoesday!

I love the intricate henna tattoo artwork upon this bride's pretty pedicured feet! Enhancing the tattooed art with sparkly serpent like sandals is equally stunning.  

I would love to see the rest of that dress, it has to be exquisite and divine.  From the little sneak peak it boasts much elegance and bling.  

Happy perusing the Tuesday Shoesday inspirations today! 


  1. Oh you know I LOVE this post!! I live to celebrate and learn about other cultures! Love mehndi/henna...

  2. I too am inspired by what different cultures bring into their unique celebrations! Glad you do too! Thanks for the comment!


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