{Wedding Inspiration} Fuchsia + Orange + Lime

From Morocco with Love

Moroccan Whimsical Inspiration

The mystique of Morocco has gripped me this week, and a Moroccan themed board was created anew.  Previously posted was a board with earth tones of yellow, orange and nude.  This time around I highlighted the sweet tones of fuchsia, orange and lime.  

Whether you are of Moroccan decent, joining a Moroccan family, or you are enamored by the exotic elements from this beautiful nation, we've got some ideas to help incorporate Moroccan touch to your big day. 

Design & Architecture
I adore the intricate designs of Moroccan architecture, full of beautiful scroll work and lacy embellishments.  The top left image really drove the inspiration for this board.  It is a prime example of creating a space and the decor touches to bring flavor to the room.  

The room is airy, and draws the natural sunlight to reflect against the glass of the lanterns, coffee table and decor.  The colorful cushions and glass work bring the palette to life.  Adding bold curtains to the room, with the light design of the pink and yellow cushions and gorgeous glass work of the lanterns brings the palette to life.

Also swoon worthy is the image of the indoor tent for some indoor "glamping".  The doily DIY hearts strung above, the use of quilts and blankets as the tent, the cozy look of the bed, it all makes me want to crawl inside, and never leave, with hubby tow of course.  But what a cute idea to have something like this set up for a photobooth, or for a confession booth for guests to leave a little video note for the happy couple.  Hopefully it won't become the kissing booth, but who could blame anyone for wanting to smooch in such cozy little space? 

The orange and pink lace candle holders are actually a DIY project.  They add a sweet touch, and seem easy to create.  

Reception Setting
The image of the reception table, with pillows as seats, hanging fabric lanterns, beautiful flowers all under a bold colored tent, leads to much imagination to setting up a reception space for any event.  This too is where adding in splashes of unexpected color, such as lime green in the pillows, can come into play.  

Lounge Seating
The image seen on the lower left corner of the board is breathtaking! Great idea for including a lounge area at a reception, where guests can relax when they aren't on the dance floor.  Look into getting a funky hookha pipe, it is a tobacco-less pipe, that creates intrigue, and looks pretty cool!  A conversation piece that will travel throughout and beyond your wedding, for sure! 

Decor & Lighting
Adding simple elements like Moroccan tea glasses to be used as vases for rose stems or votive candle holders offer a sweet way to incorporate stunning decorations.  Throw pillows with Moroccan inspiration and "pouffe" ottomans for seating enhance the look for a Moroccan sitting area.  Lanterns, both hanging from the ceiling or staggered on a staircase, can easily add beautiful lighting options to your space.  The more intricate the designs on lanterns will cast an amazing glow, decorating the walls and ceiling with cool designs.

May the mystery of Morocco be an inspiration for your wedding, or any event.  

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