{Wedding Inspiration} Splendid Spumoni Palette

Mocha + Latte + Pistachio + Blush

Pretty in Spumoni

Dessert has set the palette for this inspiration board.  So beautiful are the colors and textures, it is rather perfect for a late summer or early fall palette.

The driving inspiration piece actually comes from the pretty ruffled dress, Sweet as Spumoni by Mod Cloth, and from there spun the rest of the gorgeous color combinations for this palette.  The dress, by the way, is perfect as a bridesmaid dress! 

I do love the flowers, as well.  The chocolate brown hydrangeas have the pistachio color peak through the brown buds, paired with peach and cream roses, its a beautiful display.  What's better are the shoes and earrings to match! Such a pop of color, and so swoon worthy! I love the earrings have such a slight glimmer of mocha and pistachio, mixed with pink and peach, it is very fitting for inclusion.

And, of course, we must not leave the spumoni cake out, it ties the whole board perfectly together!  It is this dessert for the inspiration piece, after all.  

Whatever inspires you for your color palette, look beyond typical sources, and peruse sources of the fashion kind or from the dessert realm-something is sure to please your style and your palette!

Happy planning!