{Wedding Inspiration} Vintage Shipwreck

Shipwreck Vintage Wedding Inspiration

Romance is in the air, even with a vintage shipwreck wedding theme.

So stunned was I at first glance at the top image of the bridal gown, I knew I wanted to include it in an inspiration board, but had no idea it would turn into a shipwreck inspiration board.  The dress looks to be from the old world, very vintage in detail and hue.  

I also adore the image of the bridesmaids, wearing beige gowns and shoes, and love how they are peering out the window, as if trying to take a peak at the groomsmen below, or spying on the newlywed couple stealing a hidden kiss.  

I love the use of vintage luggage, it makes for great decor for the guestbook table, or just a prop to add vintage elements to a reception.  

The image of the constructed shipwreck piece is amazing, and it had to be included as a means to provide inspiration for anyone wanting to add a dramatic scene to their reception.  If you have connections of prop set designers, this would be quite the inspiration for recreating a similar scene to your wedding.  

Adding elements of driftwood in any fashion, vintage lace, old world maps, and antique bottles of champagne, for example, can enhance the romantic touches to your beach wedding.  

Enjoy the inspirations to planning your wedding, whatever drives your dream.

Happy planning!

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  1. Beautiful inspiration...cant wait to go to the beach this summer! Love that first photo of the bride and groom on the beach! :)

  2. Thanks so much, Diana! That dress is so gorgeous, I love the look of the lazy stroll. A parasol would be an amazing accompaniment to the attire.

  3. Wow this is awesome! That dress really is amazing!!

  4. LOVE this board! Great job and such a unique theme!

  5. Thanks ladies, so much! The dress totally sets the tone for anything vintage on the beach! Glad you agree and you like! :)


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