{Bridal Shower Inspiration}

An Affair To Remember

The other day I happened upon "An Affair to Remember", the original version with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.  It has been many many years since I watched this film, and I was smitten anew with how beautiful the movie is.  As I watched, I thought how pretty the elements of the movie would add to a bridal shower theme, as a result, this inspiration board was born!

Setting the tone for an elegant shower, I found sweet invitations from Storkie Express, they are simple and regal, perfect for a bridal affair, or even a swanky garden party.  

I knew immediately I had to include "Miss McKay's" love of Pink Champagne into the board.  It always makes an excellent splash of pink bubbly to any feminine fĂȘte! Accompanied with dainty raspberry macaroons served on love letter napkins, your guests will surely love the flowing sweetness and romantic theme.  

For wardrobe ideas, I found the dress and shoes at ModCloth, always a great place to turn to for vintage finds. The dress is sweet, modest, with a bit of sheer in the arms, so as not to let the arms be exposed yet not completely covered.  The white eyelet shoe adds a sweet touch to the ensemble, especially when paired with delicate lace gloves and pearls.  Any time red is a focal piece, and white for the accent pieces, it is a demure look indeed.  

Although chintzy, the Empire State Building charms are a cute way to incorporate the theme of the movie to your party.  The Empire State Building inspired the movie couple, whom met on a European cruise, to set a date to meet at the top floor 6 months from when the cruise docked at New York's harbor, and they then parted ways with a future rendezvous planned for the landmark.  

Most know how the movie ends, so I will spare the details, just in case a few haven't had the pleasure, but the notion of picking a date to meet anywhere, with no other communication reference, was truly romantic for an era without cell phones and email.  So, its poignant to include the Empire State Building, however you see fit.

Additional decor pieces can be vintage steamer trunks to reflect the cruise aspect of the movie, more for display, stacked to be used as a place to put gifts upon, or used as a guest book table.  

I hope you enjoy this inspiration board.  Turn your bridal shower from ordinary into extraordinary by finding inspirations from the film arts, or whatever makes you swoon!  It is fun to find the elements to add to your theme to pull off an amazing event your guests will remember years to come! 

Happy planning! 

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