{DIY} Seashell Bliss

Seashells and Candles

Recently I created an inspiration board, Seashell Bliss, so display the fun qualities seashells and other natural elements are to incorporate into a beach themed wedding or event.  So smitten was I with what I discovered that I found it time to show what I mean when I suggest how to put elements together, but don't have any examples to show of.  And so, today I took some DIY time to have some fun with seashells and candles. 

Here's a few ideas to further inspire how to put together a seashell affair, which are easy to do, and saves on the wallet-always a plus!

Seashell Tea Light Candle Holder

Tea light Candle {Tin and all}
Medium Sized Clam Shells {Shells large enough to hold a tea light candle}
Brown Sugar

Couldn't be simpler!  I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a bag of mixed shells, all really good quality, not brittle, with various shapes, colors and sizes.  The medium sized clam shells work perfectly to hold a tea light.

Added in some brown sugar {to replace sand}, in the shell and underneath, which helps the tea light nestle and not move.  As well the shell can stay firmly placed, and as the air hits the sugar it does harden, further molding the items set upon the granules.  This is a bonus, because the shell can be balanced and level, to avoid any hot wax from leaking all over the place.  


Seashell Tea Light Candle Holder
Fabric Backing
Seashells, Driftwood & Starfish
Hurricane Lantern/Candle Holder
Pillar Candle

So simple to put this together.  Its amazing what can be found at craft stores.  I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and I never thought I could find decorative driftwood easily, not to mention quality seashells in a bag! I mean really! Of course I'd rather pick these off the shore of Carlsbad, California, but they are available, nonetheless, and I was delighted! 

No advice here really, except to place some of the flatter shells on the bottom of the hurricane vessel, curved side up, and this helps to nestle the candle in place.  Then, just kind of take the various sized and colored shells at your ready, or whatever your desire.  

I love using all of the natural elements for centerpieces.  And the brown sugar, I'd really rather have it than sand, especially when on the tables, because to me sand is dirt, and I wouldn't want my guests' food to be inches away from dirt-that's just me.

What would you add or take away from this DIY suggestion? 


  1. I love your centerpieces! The brown sugar is a great idea as well (I thought it was sand at first) I'll definately be using these at my wedding. Thanks for the beautiful ideas!!

  2. Glad you found inspiration in the seashell idea, Heather! Hope your wedding turns out the way you envision it!

  3. You can get electronic LED candles rather than lit candles if some are concerned about safety. Here is one that I have in my Etsy shop with the LED candle: https://www.etsy.com/listing/156578490/candle-beach-theme-wedding-favors?


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