{DIY} Seashells + Tea Lights + Mason Jars

I'm on a roll with seashells the past few days!

The other day I posted some fun with seashell candle holders and centerpiece inspiration, if you missed that click here

Today I'm sharing with you some more ideas of how to incorporate seashells into your wedding/event theme, or even for home décor.

Mason Jar Idea #1

Mason Jar
Raffia Ribbon
Tea Light Candle

How To:
Simple to put together.  Find a small handful of some seashells, in varying shapes, colors and sizes, and place them in the bottom of the mason jar.  Take the raffia ribbon, loop it around the lip of the jar and tie it into a pretty firm knot.  

My suggestion, as raffia can be tricky sometimes to work with, after you've tied the knot, pull the looped ribbon off the jar to work on the bow, and when it looks the way you want it to, slip the loop back onto the jar, centering the bow where you want.  I prefer the decorative part of the jar, not so much the brand, but that is me.  

Then you simply fill the jar with water, almost to the top, and delicately place the tea light candle on the water.  I took the candle out of the tin, by the way.  Light away, and you've got yourself a fun way to add light to your seashell theme! 

Mason Jar Idea #2:

Same as above idea + Plus:
Extra Seashell
Cement Craft Glue (Quick Hold)

How To:
Same process as above, however, now add a shell that is decorative, like the one here, and adhere it to the knot on the raffia with cement craft glue-do this with the raffia loop off of the jar.  You will need to apply pressure for a good few minutes to make sure the seashell will not peal away.   

And there you have it! Simple fun wish seashells for DIY projects!  I'm wragling up the courage to make a seashell bouquet, we'll see!