{Monday Motivation} Unique Finds for Decor

Fun decor finds, perfect for bridal showers and weddings!






Are you loving these finds?  I am without a doubt, I'm swooning, in fact! 

I'll start with #1: I love this "Pom Pom-esque" lighting element! Its so charming to me.  Of course it would be great for the home, but how would this beauty, multiplied, look at a wedding?  Its light, delicate, and would be perfect for an evening summer gathering dispersed throughout the venue.  

#2: I'm always game for natural elements to decorate a table scape-maybe its the desert being in me, but I love this idea! Not only if you are of the eco-friendly chic kind, it is always perfect for a stone gray and sage color palette.  Succulents and stone go perfectly together, especially to add the eco element to your wedding.

#3: Of course my jaw dropped when I saw this shoe planter, fitted with moss and, more succulents! Isn't it fun?  I think this would be perfect for a garden bridal shower.  I'm trying to find any excuse to hold an event to have this on display! I can see adding in a gorgeous pink or blue hued flower to off balance the earthy tones, but its beautiful as is.  

#4: This chalkboard wall decal has me thinking bridal shower guest book alternative!  Have each guest write a simple message onto the chalkboard, then afterward take a photo of it, zoomed in to see all the sweet messages, enlarge the print and frame it, or keep it for your scrapbook! That way, it can be saved for your memories then reused, possibly at your wedding, and then in your home, on the fridge, possibilities are endless.  Would also make for a great way to share a menu you'll be serving at your wedding, or at your home for a dinner party!  Guests will swoon!

5#: And finally my favorite find, the flower garland! This is cute for so many reasons.  Perfect for any occasion, and worthy of sharing! I realize this is can be a DIY project, which I might be up to doing, but finding the bottles, the right amount of wire, I'm game for purchasing something like this for a quick DIY looking decor element. 

So, what do you think of these finds today?  Do any of them speak to you, and inspire you to have similar decor elements for your events or for your home?  

Have a great Monday and whatever inspires you, let it become your reality!

Viva Terra: 2, 3, 5
Layla Grayce: 1, 4


  1. The first and the last image...swoony!!!! I love Layla Grace by the way!

  2. Aww thanks, glad you like! Layla Grace is one of my fave new finds for amazing resources for fun decor ideas!

  3. I love these ideas...that moss shoe reminds me of something ive seen at the Flower Show! :)

  4. That shoe is something else! Glad you like the finds! :)


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