{Thursday Purse Day} Purse Memo Board

A fun way to display purses and accessories!


Such a cute display of purses, jewelry and other finds, I had to share this for this week's Thursday Purseday pick!

Sometimes we acquire passed down accessories from our loved ones or discover a treasure while antiquing.  As time goes by we might be building a collection, but we've no place to display our goods, without it looking like clutter! Instead the items might be collecting dust at the bottom of a closet or tucked away in a hope chest, not seeing the bright of day. 

This display solves that, and turns your collection of accessories into a functional memo board, that looks like art!

I love how some of the clutches are filled with pages torn out of a book- possibly a poetry passage, postcards, invitations, and other paper keepsakes.  The jewelry and other tiny treasures adorning the board makes it complete.

I think I've got a DIY project for the weekend for sure! 

Happy Thursday Pursday! Enjoy perusing the purse finds!