{Wedding Inspiration} Classic Contrast

Black + White Palette

Damask and Butterflies

Classic and simply stated.

With a color palette like black and white, you cannot go wrong, and it doesn't have to be boring.  

Elegant touches like damask prints make the color combo pop with exquisite display.  The black butterflies against the white wall is a beautiful way to bring a movable stillness to your decor.

I adore the cake, being all white with the additions of black ribbon and fabric flowers, it is rather regal, and charming at the same time-especially up against the lush fabric background.

And of course, I cannot end without giving praise to the image of that glorious dress.  It is gorgeous with the layers of black fabric, making it almost look like feathers, and the flowers create great contrast, not only to the fabric elements, but the color as well.  

I enjoy seeing examples of black on white, and then white on black.  Whether at an event or in the home, taking a basic color combo, and then converting it, its a beautiful thing, however simple to do, the end result is elegant and modern.

Dress: Pinterest | Invitation Suite: I Do It Yourself   | Cake: Style Me Pretty | Butterflies: Style Me Pretty