{Wedding Inspiration} Kentucky Derby Style

Derby hats, mint juleps, stately manors, oh my!

Must mean a Kentucky Derby wedding inspiration, just in time for the big races!
I love how this board came together, but it was actually difficult to piece together images to showcase a wedding inspiration based on the Kentucky Derby races.  A lot of research and time was spent putting this together, in order to capture the essence of the historical races and to embrace southern charm.

I love the image of the ladies with the beautiful derby hats.  I would love to attend the races just once, so I can find an excuse to get a glorious hat-or better yet, attend a wedding where female guests are welcome to wear the glorious accessories.  A Derby inspired Bridal Shower would be very fun as well.

The image of the manor is so beautiful, and would make the ideal location for a garden wedding.  The long pathway under the canopy of trees is breathtaking-might be too long for an aisle, but certainly a great entrance  to the venue.

Decor, Favors and Table Numbers
Embellishments of equestrian imagery and jockey equipment makes for great decor ideas.  I love the use of the "winning" ribbons as pew decor, very different from the typical bows or pom poms we normally see.

A great centerpiece idea is to find "winning" trophy replicas, either ceramic or pewter silver, filled with beautiful floral arrangements, as grandiose as would be seen at the derby races, or as simple as you see fit.

The image of the ribbon holders' names, to me this is not to have on display at a wedding so much as a great source of info to name the tables after the prized winners, like "Secretariat", "Barbaro", etc.

Likewise, the image of the horseshoe favors, they do make a great favor, however if that is the theme, save an extra to attach the table number to, so the guests get a thrill as to how unique the table numbers were named, and then they are delighted to have a horseshoe to take home, a token of luck.  As well, now that you have trophy centerpieces, you can hang the horseshoe table numbers from the vessels-I love this idea!

Food and Beverage
When I think of the south, my mind does go to the food and beverage aspect.  And what comes first to mind are Mint Juleps! They seem to be the drink of choice at the derby races, and are quite pretty in their own way.  Hurricanes as well are quite popular, and Whiskey seems to be the spirit of choice.

When it comes to food, pecan pie is an obvious choice.  The image of the Derby pie embraces both the love of the sweet dessert with a splash of good ol' Jim Beam whiskey.  Taste buds will be satisfied and spirits will be high at a Kentucky Derby themed wedding!

Whatever inspires your wedding, find what works for you, piece it together, and let it unfold into your dream wedding.

Happy planning!

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