{Wedding Inspiration} Playful Romance

White + Red + Black Palette

This palette is quite suitable for a winter wedding, however it suits for all seasons.  It is classic, chic, and full of romantic fun.

I do love how red and black pop as accents juxtaposed to a white backdrop!  It creates a fun and romantic theme, especially fitting for a wedding. 

To start off, I love the image of the cake, it sets the tone for the board, in my opinion.  The cake being draped in white, and beautifully accented with splashes of red and black, it is simple and elegant.  

Next I stumbled upon the image with the zebra design in the background of the white shoe with the red sole-it made me blush! Its so seductive and alluring...

THEN, I discovered the image of the red haired beauty in the white dress, which swooning commenced and the board was built to embrace the balance of quiet elegance with dramatic twists.  

Cake: Image via Sweet and Saucy 
Print: Image via Style Me Pretty
Table & Invitations: Image via Style Me Pretty
Dress: Image via Pinterest
Poppies: Image via Style Me Pretty
Tablescape with Lanterns: Image via Rebecca Thuss Photography
Cupcakes: Image via Pinterest
Lantern and Ribbons: Image via Style Me Pretty
Porcelain: Image via Pinterest
Shoes: Image via Style Me Pretty