{Bridal Shower Inspiration} Marie Antoinette

This post is dedicated to all things frilly and French, with the focal point of Marie Antoinette in her glorious days spent at Versailles.  Perfect inspiration for a gorgeous bridal shower.

Marie Antoinette Inspiration

The dress kind of kick started the inspiration board, and gradually everything followed suit.  I love the light blue jeweled accents on the dress, its quite dreamy, and reflects the style of the French Queen.  

The tea cups offer a sweet idea for place settings, filling the cups with rose buds, and little name flags for attending guests.  I also think the color palette of the image, similar blue hue to the dress, with the pink and yellow, its simple and elegant.

The cake says it all, I love the eloquent designs, and not forgetting the fan-which lends to a great favor idea for guests!  Frilly fans can be found in abundance, which makes an easy addition to the decor element.  And whom could resist the pretty bouquet, filled with jewelry and feathers?  Its luscious and frilly!   

Combining the theme together with the same hued blue invitation, with damask printing, ties the notion together for a regal inspired affair. 

Saving the best for lest, the pièce de résistance, this beauty I discovered, which offers great inspiration to look the part of Marie Antoinette!

The image embraces the look of the lady that roamed the grounds of Versailles.  I love the pink hued hair, that turns ombre, and how the bouquet acts a fan, as often seen in many depictions, whether in art or cinema.  Would you re-create this look as the star of a party inspired by the lavish touches of a dame in her prime?
I hope these ideas, simple or grandiose, have inspired the inner "Marie Antoinette" in many a bride to be!   

Happy planning!

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  1. You got my attention with this one...whoa!! I am a big fan of "let 'em eat cake"...why would anyone want to eat anything else? :-)

  2. So pretty- I love those little teacups with the roses. The Pinterest board is lovely! And glad to see you're back up :)

  3. Wow, thanks, lovely!! I can seriously watch the movie over and over again, and not tire, it is so delicious! The movie really inspired me to do something, when I found that dress, done deal! Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Thanks so much, Jenna! You helped me find the right support, and I tip my hat to you!!

  5. Ooooh I'm with Jenna those roses in teacups are beautiful! Love this concept!


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