{Real Couples} Lisa + Manu, Arizona

The Wild West meets To-Be Wedded Bliss

Today's rustic and sizzling desert engagement shoot comes to you from Photography by Verdi!

I love the Wild West setting for Lisa and Manu to play in for their engagement shoot!  I learned from Rich at Photography by Verdi the pair are Arizona natives, whom are having a destination wedding in California, so it is perfect to play up an AZ themed shoot like this.

I learned from Lisa, their barefoot beach wedding will take place July 1, 2011, just around the corner!  They are so excited and looking very much forward to their upcoming wedding and marriage.

Here's a little bit about this couple, from the bride herself:
"At the time Manu and I met we were both in school and we had separately stumbled across this wonderful coffee shop to accommodate our all day studying needs, lol. A catch of an eye, turned into a smile, and a smile turned into a 'hello', and before I knew it we would spend the days studying together. As time went on and the emotions became more deep, we ventured out on dinner dates, movie dates, and even just walking in the park dates. I can remember times I would cry because I didn't want to say goodnight and leave his side; it was those times I really knew I had fallen in love.

This past December, we decide to pack our bags for a weekend getaway to San Diego, California. My parents, as a treat, had booked us a room at the Paradise Point Hotel (same place we are getting married) and off we went. Manu had bought tickets for Sea World and it was on this 'ski lift' like ride where he proposed. What a great idea, a cable car suspended above the ocean with an incredible view, just the two of us

The proposal is so sweet! I've been up on that cable car ride, and the view is spectacular! What a great intimate moment to propose!

Lisa also shared with me her wedding website, www.bettertogether2011.com, which she allowed me to include in this post, because it is really detailed in the layout, and a great resource for brides-to-be to see when learning how to do their own website. Lisa used eWedding.com to create her site by the way.

Now that you know a bit about this gorgeous couple, I present to you Photography by Verdi's beautiful photography of Lisa and Manu's Engagement Shoot.

Its hard to pick a favorite, I love all the images seen here! Lisa and Manu make a beautiful couple, they hold such love and passion in their eyes for one another, its beautiful to see.  Some of the images have a little dramatic edginess to them, while others have the sweetness of a to-be-wedded couple, full of smiles and smooches.  

The setting is full of great textures, colors, and all the wild west "props", like the tractor and the chapel, the team at Photography by Verdi must have had a hay day doing this shoot!  

Many thanks to Photography by Verdi for sharing this shoot with me, and to Lisa for sharing a little story about her proposal and their upcoming wedding! 

Congratulations to Lisa and Manu on your upcoming wedding just a few weeks away! 

Photography by Verdi: website | facebook | twitter


  1. The Arizona vibe of this shoot is perfect for this couple!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love that blue and red barn - what a perfect backdrop!

  3. Kristen, you are wonderful! Thank you for sharing Manu and I's engagement pictures and story; I highly recommend Photography by Verdi to the next oh so savvy Bride!

  4. sweet shoot! so many moments captured. xo, chrissy.

  5. So much love for this shoot!

    @Lisa-I was so happy to share your gorgeous engagement shoot. Thank you for sharing your sweet story as well.


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