{Real Wedding} Kelly & Andrew's Homespun California Wedding

Another gorgeous wedding from Amy Ellis Photography, to share with you!

Can I say how much I love this wedding?!  It is full of homespun goodness and done so beautifully! One might not know that it was at a family's home in California!  Plus, the inclusion of some touches to a land far from the US border, its a priceless gem of a wedding.

The location took place in San Leandro, at the bride's father's house.  From what Amy has shared with me, the groom is from Tasmania, many were able to attend, while many could not attend.  Those who were able to make it, along with the bride's family, did everything! "The family did everything from cooking, serving, cleaning, MC-ing, and all"!  And what a job they did to transform a backyard into a wonderland of wedding delight.  

Take a peak at all the goodness captured by the talents of Amy Ellis Photography.

This couple is so adorable! Amy mentioned she couldn't get a shot where they weren't smiling and giggling, and I see that!  They are so full of joy, glee and humor!  I love the butt grab shot!  

I love the sweet moment of the baby flower girl, so darling! Other images that stand out, the groomsmen shot in black and white, the photos on the bridge, all the details and flowers, its so vibrant and cheerful!  Truly, every image speaks for itself! 

This whole wedding is stunning, the couple is over the heels in love for one another, and Amy's amazing eye for great photography makes it all stand out beautifully! 

Many thanks to Amy Ellis Photography, for sharing her photography with me! 

Photography: Amy Ellis Photography, Columbus, Ohio (Does travel)
Dress: Lilac Dress Boutique, Alameda, California
Flowers: Pilar Zungia at Gorgeous and Green Events, Berkeley, California


  1. Such a lovely wedding ~ the bouquets are gloriously colourful!

  2. Beautiful wedding! They do look so happy, I love that. And love the little bum squeeze. ;)

  3. Thanks for the love ladies! Isn't the bum squeeze the best? I love candids like that, always! :)


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