{Unique Finds} Paper & Button Bouquets

I love the treasures that can be found while perusing the Internet.  Last summer I discovered the most adorable gift shop ever, Candle Queen Candles Gift Boutique, and I still have not entered into this pretty establishment!   I learned of the gift shop on Facebook, it was one of those adds that popped up, I clicked on the cute logo, and was taken into a world of candles, jewelry, purses, accessories & much more.  It is located in Leavenworth, Kansas, so it is not possible for me to visit right now, but I do have family in Wichita, so maybe a trip will ensue in the future...  

What I really find endearing about this gift shop, a majority of the local vendors/artists that sell their handmade wares in the shop are military wives!  Such a creative group of women!  When I find handmade treasures, made with love and creativity, to help support a military family, for me there exists a little more value in products created.  

One of the vendors at gift shop is Penelope in my Pocket, a small business selling adorable paper and button bouquets! The image above is an example of one of their bouquets displayed at the Candle Queen's gift shop, and can I mention the sweet coin purses?  They are so sweet! 

These paper and button bouquets are perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, or even as decorations for the home.  They are colorful, cheery, just fun to look at and swoon over! 

The bouquets can be ordered on Penelope in my Pocket's Facebook Page, and they work with any color theme, so totally customizable for your home or events! 

Hope you enjoyed the unique finds today! 


  1. These are so fun and colorful - I love the different prints on the paper!

  2. They are so fun! I love the pops of color and designs as well! Thanks for the comment! :)


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