{Unique Finds} Say it with Spoons

I adore this amazing idea, found on Etsy!  Imprinting passed down spoons, which I have plenty in my family, dating back to the civil war even, with messages of love for your wedding, or marking herbs for your garden!

I love the idea of re-purposing passed down heirlooms or funky finds at an antique shoppe!  I've learned so much about turning brooches into a brooch bouquet, doilies being turned into decor coverings for mason jars and the like, and I love this savvy idea of imprinting antique spoons! 

What's your take on this sweet idea?  Are you swooning over these spoons like I am?  

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  1. That is such a neat idea to put them in your herb garden! I hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Such a lovely idea! I'm swooning too :)

  3. Thanks ladies! It is a fabulous find! Enjoy your evenings, wherever you are!


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