{Wedding Inspiration} Amazing Grays

Smoke + Gray + Pewter + White

Amazing Grays

The driving inspiration for this board comes from the top image with the tray of beautiful hair accessories.  I love the set up on the glass mirrored tray, and I love the almost ombre effect the accessories are lined up, one hue being a shade darker than the previous. 

When the search ensued I found so much inspiration, it was almost too much!  What stood out in my search was the cake with black pearls, which really are a gray blue.  They are so pretty decorating the cake, its a unique concept, especially having the oyster shells about.  

The bouquet is a great example of having an all white bouquet, with gray accents throughout, including the base of the bouquet wrapped in gray ribbon or fabric.  Its very chic looking, and is definitely perfect for a winter wedding, however I feel this palette works year round.  

The image of the macaroons, I adore! I love how they are embellished with edible jewels, sitting in sugar and jewels strewn about the dessert table.  Adding bling to this palette will make all eyes sparkle and dazzle!

You never know what is going to grab you for inspiration.  One image itself can be the palette for your wedding, adding the matching details is the fun part!

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