{DIY} Adhesive Chalkboard

I am in love with adhesive chalkboard!  So many ways to use the material, and is excellent for using for home decor, wedding ideas & much more!

I have long wanted to label my glass canisters, but had no idea how.  To match my Parisian bistro theme in my kitchen, I thought how perfect adhesive chalkboard would be to add to my glass canisters, writing the ingredients in French.  

For a table setting, I added the adhesive chalkboard to the bottle of wine, creating the "table number". This works more than just making a great way to number your tables, it also is the wine to be poured for your guests.  To add more wine goodness to the setting I filled the bottom portion of a hurricane candle jar with wine corks.  Each place setting can come with a decorative wine stopper as the favor, which is pictured above.  For that DIY click here.

Lastly I added the adhesive chalkboard to a simple wooden frame, embellished the frame with paper buttons & raffia I created for another project, and voila, you have a sweet message board perfect for a baby shower, or any occasion.

See why I am head over heels for the adhesive fun?  Possibilities are truly endless!

What will you do with adhesive chalkboard?


  1. Can see why you love these adhesive chalkboards. So versatile and with so much decorating potential! Lovely ideas you shared!

  2. Thank you, Lissa! So many projects & ideas are brewing for more goodness!

  3. What fabulous ideas! I'd never even heard of adhesive chalkboard. Love the glass labels! Such a simple but effective DIY project which can be used in so many different ways. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm a huge fan of this chalkboard look too!! so charming + homespun feeling!!

    xoxo, chrissy from the perfect palette

  5. Glad you like the chalkboard goodness, friends! Thanks for the comments! Now go find yourselves some chalkboard sheets & go to town! :)

  6. I've never heard of adhesive chalkboard! That is brilliant. I use the paint on my glass and it can be a pain because you need a ton of coats and it peels off pretty easily! I'll have to look for this!

  7. Thanks, Alicia! Isn't it amazing? I am addicted! If you can't find the stuff, I'll bring some up at the end of the month!


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